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Tucker Carlson: Sexual Assault Survivors Are 'Part of the Problem'

Carlson continues to prove that there is no line the right will not cross.

As the right furiously tries to justify putting a sexual predator on the Supreme Court, they've been flailing in all directions looking for something that will work. From claiming it didn't happen to the laughable claim it was someone else to flat out saying every boy in high school tries to rape a girl (newsflash: We do not), the right has not covered itself in glory. But Tucker Carlson gets paid a lot of money to be the worst of the worst.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday asked if those who say they are victims of sexual assault crimes have an obligation to report them asking if they are “part of the problem” if they don't report the assault.

"If there's a rapist on the loose, if you don't tell anybody, if Bernie Madoff rips you off and you don't tell his other investors, you're part of the problem, are you not?” Carlson asked radio host Ethan Bearman.

That's taking victim shaming to a whole new level. Why, Dr. Ford is just an awful person for not doing something about this sooner! My word! We're the victims because she didn't protect us!

The cruelty and disregard for the survivors of sexual assault would be astonishing if this wasn't Tucker Carlson. As it is, being a soulless monster is a deliberate career choice and it's working out great for him. For America's discourse? Not so much. We've gone beyond blaming women for their own sexual assaults and now blame them for every subsequent victim. Magically, the sexual predator in question, Brett Kavanaugh, escapes having to take any responsibility at all.

It's the best of both worlds. Fox News viewers get to believe Dr. Ford is a bad person for not reporting the sexual assault that they also believe didn't actually occur. George Orwell would be astonished to see his doublethink on such a mass scale. Or maybe, after watching Fox News for a few days, Orwell would be more astonished the United States isn't already a full-fledged police state capable of unthinkable cruelty by a population stripped of its humanity.

But give Tucker a few more years with his audience. It takes time to kill off the last shreds of morality or decency and with no limits to his sadism, he's just the soulless monster for the job.