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The "Rough Horseplay" Defense of Kavanaugh's Attempted Rape Is a New Low

There really is no bottom to the depravity of the right.

Because the Trump regime can't seem to bother doing any kind of background check on anyone it nominates, Republicans are in the middle of pushing through the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite a history of financial recklessness, ideological extremism bordering on lunacy, and, because this is the Trump regime, a credible accusation of sexual assault.

But Republicans and the billionaire donors that own them want Kavanaugh, a judicial activist that will ignore the rule of law for decades to pursue a far-right agenda. They want him so badly they're debasing themselves in new and fascinating ways to protect him from charges that he attempted to rape a girl during one of his numerous drunken high school parties. From Chuck Grassley preparing to publicly humiliate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh's accuser, to Tucker Carlson claiming Ford only came forward because of Roe v. Wade, to calling attempted rape "rough horseplay":

I'm a big guy and I like to play around. When I was in high school and college, I would sometimes literally pick up girls off the ground and engage in "horseplay." Sometimes I would wrestle with them at parties. Sometimes I would be drunk. And yet, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that not one of them, even the ones I was actively (if awkwardly) flirting with, ever felt I was trying to rape them. It's almost like a woman can tell the difference between "horseplay" and "sexual assault." 

Crazy, right?

I don't know who Carrie Severino is other than she works for Judicial Crisis Network, the far-right group funded by billionaires to turn the judiciary into a hyperpartisan swamp of theocratic ideologues. But watching her stammer and stutter her way through her talking points suggests that some part of her was screaming against the pure depravity of what she was being paid to do. 

Then again, maybe not. Kavanaugh is the culmination of decades' of work for the right wing. Banning abortion, then birth control, ending Affirmative Action, upholding every kind of discrimination and legalized bigotry the right wants to indulge in, giving white nationalism the seal of "constitutional" approval, these are just the beginning for the right if they can seize control of the Supreme Court with a majority of far-right ideologues unbound by respect for the Constitution or legal precedent. With the brass ring of rule by judicial fiat so close at hand, Kavanaugh could be caught on video molesting an infant and Republicans would find an excuse to seat him anyway. 

We are beyond any moral considerations. This is about seizing and holding onto power and as low as Severino goes, we haven't seen the worst from the right yet. Not even close.