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Brett Kavanaugh, Trayvon Martin,  And Conservative Double Standards On Teenage Crime

According to editor of The American Conservative, Rod Dreher, Brett Kavanaugh should not be judged for his alleged predatory behavior as a 17 year old. He did not feel that way about Trayvon Martin.
trayvon kavanaugh

According to editor of The American Conservative, Rod Dreher, Brett Kavanaugh should not be judged for his alleged predatory behavior as a 17 year old.  

"I do not understand why the loutish drunken behavior of a 17 year old high school boy has anything to tell us about the character of a 53 year old judge," tweeted Dreher today. "By God’s grace (literally), I am not the same person I was at 17. This is a terrible standard to establish in public life."

This "loutish drunken behavior" that included pinning a teenage girl down with his friends in an attempt to rape (or maybe even kill her), is so inoffensive to Dreher that Kavanaugh should a) not face charges, b) be allowed to lie about it, and c) go through to the Supreme Court unchallenged. 

As a number of people on Twitter pointed out, Dreher did not feel the same way about another 17 year old boy who was shot to death by a rogue neighborhood watchman for committing the crime of walking home while being black. That boy of course, was Trayvon Martin. 

"He was flat on his back getting the crap beat out of him by Trayvon Martin when he pulled out his gun and fired in self-defense," wrote Dreher back in December of 2012, when a photo of Zimmerman with a bloody nose was released. "If that isn’t true, then is there a more plausible story of what happened that night?"

"Remind me, why, exactly, is George Zimmerman on trial?"

It could not possibly have occurred to Dreher that it was Martin who was defending himself from Zimmerman, who was chasing him for no reason whatsoever. 

Zimmerman had been told explicitly not to follow Martin by the police, yet he continued to do so forcing a confrontation that led to Martin's execution. In Dreher's mind, Zimmerman was right to chase Martin because he was black and wearing a hoodie, then murder him when he tried to fight back. And lest you think this is hyperbole, here's how Dreher characterized the deadly encounter: 

The whole thing is a tragedy. If Zimmerman, whose neighborhood had been plagued by criminals who looked and dressed like Martin, hadn’t confronted Martin, none of this would have happened. If Martin hadn’t overreacted and beaten Zimmerman, none of this would have happened. 

Dreher's views can then be summarized as follows: 

When a rich, white, teenage boy gets drunk and attempts to rape and possibly murder a teenage girl, he gets to be on the Supreme Court. When an unarmed black teenage boy walks home at night and is chased for no reason by a racist nutjob carrying a gun, he deserves to be murdered. Racist, much? 

Conservatives routinely bash the left for using terms like "white privilege", because it is apparently racist against white people. Thankfully, Dreher has definitively proved that the term is more relevant in America than ever.