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Chris Hayes Clowns Himself With Stupid Eddie Murphy Tweet

Was Zina Bash flashing a white nationalist sign? The fact that we even have to ask or that the answer matters is a red flag in and of itself.

Despite the lengthy list of facts showing that the Trump regime is infested with white nationalists, pushes a white nationalist agenda, openly uses white nationalist rhetoric, praises white nationalists, and has numerous ties to white nationalists, the mainstream media is still desperate to avoid acknowledging that the executive branch of the United States is, in fact, being run by white nationalists.

The latest example of this comes from MSNBC's Chris Hayes who decided to mock the rage people were directing at Zina Bash, the woman sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh (she was a former law clerk of his)during part of Tuesday's SCOTUS confirmation hearing. After getting a text message, Bash placed her hand on her arm in what looked suspiciously like the now ubiquitous "OK" hand sign popularized by white nationalists. The current story from her husband is that she was scratching her arm. Twitter thought otherwise and blew a gasket.

Hayes thought people were being totally ridiculous and tweeted the following:

Hayes was immediately flamed to a well done crisp and for good reason; he was giving the benefit of the doubt to people who have done nothing to deserve it. Bash's other defenders claim that because she's the granddaugther of Holocaust survivors and also half-Mexican, she couldn't possibly be a white nationalist. But Bash was a part of Steven Miller's team which means she was a part of the group that tore children away from their mothers at the border and put them in cages in order to terrorize Latino immigrants. 

It's clear that Bash's heritage has no bearing on her hatred of Those People and it's laughable to think that, hand sign or not, someone comfortable with torturing children couldn't possibly be a white nationalist monster. For his part, Hayes wasn't defending Bash, per se, just attacking the reaction of the left to her alleged gesture. He did this because that's easier than admitting it's possible that a woman who's worked closely with a future Supreme Court justice and helped implement a policy that is literally a crime against humanity might be complicit with white nationalism. But that's not good enough. 

The media has to get over this squeamishness. They're so terrified of being called "biased" by people who already call them "enemies of the people" that they can barely function. You can't appease the right and still be a journalist. The only "news" they accept is pure fact-free propaganda that tells them exactly what they want to hear. Anything else is a violent assault on their worldview and incites something akin to bloodlust. Hayes tried to defend his Cillizza-like tweet for a while before acknowledging it was a stupid hot take and deleting it.

No evidence, of course, except for all of the times that people in and around the Trump regime have flashed it. Which brings us back to Hayes who, like so many journalists, demands we not treat people who have joyfully done monstrous things as the monsters they so clearly are. Was Zina Bash flashing a white nationalist sign? The fact that we even have to ask or that the answer matters is a red flag in and of itself. If this had happened during the Obama administration, no one would care because the idea of white nationalists controlling the nation was patently absurd. Now we have to push the media to stop pretending it's not our current reality.

This is not <fin> and it will never be <fin> as long as these people hold power in this country. By going all in with Trump, they've finally given themselves over to white nationalist fascism and they will never go back to run of the mill racism and conservatism. That's like expecting a crack addict to start smoking cigarettes as a replacement for the high they've come to crave above all else. It's not clear that Hayes fully understands this and he better get up to speed because if they get their way, Hayes will be one of the first "enemies of the people" to be purged.