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Republicans Face Deadly Catch 22 With Mueller Probe


Rock, meet hard place.

President Trump’s disapproval rating has hit a high point of 60 percent, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that also finds that clear majorities of Americans support the special counsel’s Russia investigation and say the president should not fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

At the dawn of the fall campaign sprint to the midterm elections, which will determine whether Democrats retake control of Congress, the poll finds a majority of the public has turned against Trump and is on guard against his efforts to influence the Justice Department and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s wide-ranging probe.

Translation: Republicans are pretty screwed here. While Trump's imbecile cult base will never turn on him, he's not the one running for office in just a little over two months. That means Republicans have only a handful of options and they're all terrible.

1. Shut down the Mueller probe before the midterm elections

This is, by far, the worst of the options but the one that Trump wants the most. Bottom line, Trump is guilty of at least obstruction of justice and that's the best case scenario. The more likely scenario is that he's a literal traitor and Russian asset being controlled through blackmail, bribery, or both. The longer the Mueller probes looks into Trump's affairs, the more likely the case will become airtight. Trump is a very stupid criminal, lacking any skill in covering his tracks. This is why stopping the probe has been driving his increasingly erratic behavior more often than not as of late.

But shutting down the probe will both drive people into the streets and the voting booth in massive numbers. As the new poll shows, people are reaching their limit for the amount of corruption they can take. Trump ending the Mueller probe and Republicans doing nothing to stop it would be like detonating a few dozen nuclear bombs behind a tsunami; turning a disaster for Republicans into something akin to an extinction level event.

Once Democrats take over the House and Senate in a bloodbath unlike any in American history, the probe will be reinstated anyway.

2. Wait until after the midterms to scuttle the Mueller probe

This, to put it bluntly, is risky as fuck. There is a much better than even chance the Democrats are going to take the House. Just this week, Donald Trump had the audacity to tell federal workers that the government can't afford to raise their salaries next year. This is after cutting taxes for the rich by over a trillion (with a "T") dollars and claiming day after day that the economy is the greatest it's ever been. Funny how the country still seems to be sinking into debt.

Federal workers vote, too, and they're going to remember, all 9 weeks from now, who screwed them out of the raise they earned. Hint - they won't be blaming Democrats. If (when) Republicans lose control of the House (and just possibly the Senate), Trump will have a very hard time making the Mueller probe disappear. Especially with Democrats investigating all of the open corruption and myriad scandals Republicans have been ignoring like the bar tab at a convention for alcoholics.

3. Shut down the Mueller probe in the lame duck session

This is right up the alley of Republicans in that it's dishonest, hypocritical, and a massive abuse of power. It's also something I feel is more likely than the other options.

The election would be over and the bloodletting done. Regardless if the GOP loses or maintains control of the House and/or Senate, it's a full 2 years before the next full election day. Off year and special elections can only do so much damage to the GOP (although my home state of Virginia might beg to differ). That's 2 years for Republicans to spin their actions, distract the public, fabricate "evidence" that Mueller was Satan Himself, or a combination of all three.

However, if Democrats take control of the House and possibly the Senate in January, nothing is going to stop them from investigating the scuttling of the probe. Worse, they'll be able to easily start it up again under the aegis of Congress; making it untouchable by Trump.

The end result? No matter what Republicans do, the probe goes forward, eventually digging up all of the dirt Trump has been so obviously been trying to hide since he first refused to release his tax returns. Republicans will look like criminals for trying to block the lawful investigation of a traitor or they'll look incompetent to their unforgiving base for not protecting their white god.

If Republicans were worth an ounce of pity, I might feel bad for them. As it is, stay focused on crushing them at the ballot box. They're a cancer that must be removed as soon as possible.