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Guns In America: 7 Year Old Upset School Has No Place To Hide From Shooter

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It is entirely possible to get caught up in a constitutional debate about the legitimacy and legality of owning a gun in America, and completely forget what is happening on the ground around the country.

While gun owners and gun rights advocates have come up with a plethora of arguments as to why owning a deadly weapon is your God given right in America, it is important to remember that this is happening to children all across the nation:

The fact that children have to contend with this level of anxiety at such a young age is an abomination -- a moral disgrace and total failure of America's political system to ensure the young are protected from lethal violence. No seven year old should come home worried because there aren't enough hiding places in her classroom to avoid having her head blown off by a mass shooter, yet this is America in 2018. I've long struggled with living in a country where this is an everyday reality, and now I have a child it makes me reticent to send them to public school, or even stay here long term. The thought of having my boy have to go through this fills me with dread, but I know that if he is to be a part of this country, this is what he will have to contend with. The fact that a man armed to the teeth could burst into his classroom and massacre my child and all of his classmates in a matter of seconds with a legally bought weapon is not just insane, but an affront to human decency. The Second Amendment is just a bit of writing on a piece of paper. It can be discarded like other parts of the Constitution Americans decided were irrelevant and immoral, and the sooner the better. (Image via Shutterstock)