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Trump's Popularity Is Still Rock Solid Because He's Still Hurting Brown People


With unshakable support from his base even after being directly and credibly implicated in federal crimes, Donald Trump is the most popular Republican president in modern times. Sort of.

Sex scandals can't touch him. Corruption can't touch him. Incompetence can't touch him. Massive gaffes and public humiliation are par for the course. Literal treason has only made his base fall in love with Russia, a country they once loathed on a genetic level. It's possible that a serious economic recession might dent the enthusiasm of Trump's cult following but it's just as likely they'll blame the Democrats; especially if (when) they take back the House in November.

A few days ago, Trump's clown lawyer Rudy Giuliani declared that people, meaning white Republican voters, would "revolt", meaning go on murder sprees, if Trump were impeached. But they're going to do that anyway if (when) he resigns in disgrace, dies of a heart attack, is voted out of office in 2020 or is even primaried out by his own party. Hell, even if he's reelected and serves the full 8 years, his red hat army will set the country on fire demanding he serve for life; constitutional term limits be damned.

It cannot be repeated often enough: White Republican voters have one goal and one goal only - making America a nation of the white, by the white, for the white by way of ethnic cleansing. As long as Trump not only promises to wipe away Those People but actually takes steps to do so by terrorizing immigrant communities, threatening government shutdowns over funding of a border wall that won't work, and limiting or eliminating legal immigration from nonwhite countries, white Republican voters will support him through any scandal and do so with a smile on their face and a song in their heart.

Yes, they're enjoying the extra perks of destroying public education, unraveling women's reproductive rights, and poisoning the environment because it makes liberals cry, but they can get that from any ol' Republican president. Only Trump is giving them the white nationalism they've long dreamed of. The thrill of being a part of a movement dedicated to promoting the glory of the white race. A..."master" race, if you will.

The problem for Trump and his band of soulless monsters is that his base isn't that large and it's shrinking. Every day, old white Republican voters die while more of Those People turn 18 and start voting. Women are turning away from the GOP en masse and, by some bizarre biological quirk, they make up half of the voting population. Weird!

In November, we're going to find out the limits of appealing only to bigoted white men and white women happy to subjugate themselves to bigoted white men. I suspect Trump is going to be in for a nasty surprise at which point he'll double and triple down on the rage and hate because that's all he knows.

His cult following will, of course, love him even more. They'll be convinced the midterms where stolen from them (maybe by the Russians working with Hillary?!) and tune out the results of every House hearing in Trump's soon-to-be-legendary corruption investigations. After all, Trump will still be terrorizing brown people and eliminating immigration and as long as the ethnic cleansing continues, nothing else matters.

This is why the only viable strategy for elections going forward is turnout on the left. The right is absolutely lost for all time. They are beyond reaching, beyond redemption. One does not sit down and talk compromise with someone who wants to purge brown skin from America. There is no compromise to be had. Shall we only purge half of Those People? Maybe just the Jews? What if we limit ourselves to Latinos with thick accents we don't like? There is no middle ground with monsters. We have to chase them from the public square back into the shadows where they belong. Anyone arguing for "civility" and "compassion" for Trump supporters should be treated as a collaborator in ethnic cleansing because that's what they are no matter how they view themselves. I know Chris Cillizza and Chuck Todd fancy themselves above such mundane and unclean concerns but as the saying goes, "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor."

I don't write this to depress people but we have to be clear-eyed about what is happening in America. It won't matter what the Mueller investigation reveals, the base won't care. And as long as white Republican voters remain a cult for Trump, Republicans in Congress will refuse to remove Trump no matter how damning the evidence. In fact, they will impede any further investigations, exposing themselves to criminal liability and daring Democrats to do something about it. That's how far gone they are.

The only guaranteed solution is to utterly crush Republicans at the ballot box. And in such overwhelming numbers that they can't steal the election with hacking or ballot stuffing. We have to watch every precinct like a hawk on election night to prevent any Republican shenanigans and be ready to chase off any Nazi "poll watchers" (aka Brownshirts) trying to terrorize voters with brown skin. And once we take back power in states that have been gerrymandered and disenfranchised, we have to immediately work to restore the vote and safeguard our elections from outside attacks.

Once all of the people are able to vote in free and fair elections, Trump's cult of fools and racist savages will be rendered impotent on the national stage, just like their idol.