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Watch A Raging Tucker Carlson Literally Have A Debate With Himself

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Tucker Carlson brought on Alex Nowrasteh, a senior immigration policy analyst at the CATO Institute, last night in order to debate the supposed liberal whitewashing of immigrant crimes against Americans. It was without a doubt one the most ridiculous interviews Carlson has ever done, and it did not go well for him at all.

The interview was, in classic Tucker Carlson fashion, a nasty little hit job designed to make his guest look bad and create some good old anti-immigrant sentiment amongst his viewers. But Carlson hadn't banked on his guest being informed and having a strong handle on the actual facts, which angered and frustrated the Fox News host so immensely that he spent the entire segment quite literally arguing with himself.

Carlson began the interview by accusing Nowrasteh of holding an opinion he didn't have -- that Mollie Tibbetts, the young woman allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant, was just “a girl from Iowa” (as Carlson claimed a black professor said on MSNBC). Nowrasteh explained to Carlson that that was not his position, but Carlson hectored him for the rest of the interview anyway and continued to accuse him of making arguments he simply wasn't making.

One of the most frustrating parts of the interview was when Carlson stated that "44% of all federal inmates are non-citizens", and asked Nowrasteh to defend it. Nowrasteh -- who had clearly prepared well for Carlson's extremely deceptive practice of cherry picking statistic, explained that “federal prisoners account for fewer than just 10% of all prisoners in the United States.”

That did not sit well with Carlson, who continued blustering and interrupting his guest every time he tried to speak or counter his disingenuous attacks. Carlson got so frustrated with Nowrasteh's refusal to play his game that he cut his mic at the end of the interview -- a favorite tactic of the smug ethno-nationalist who likes to bully those he feels are his intellectual inferior.

You could argue that Carlson "won" the debate. But in reality, he was only arguing with himself while Nowrasteh sat back and watched the train wreck unfold.