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Watch Trump Supporters Chant "Lock Her Up" After Manafort And Cohen Convictions

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If you want to understand just how far gone Trump supporters are, take a look at this video posted by NBC News of a Trump rally in West Virginia.

Trump's supporters can be heard shouting "lock her up!", literally hours after Paul Manafort was convicted of eight felony counts and Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations:

As I have argued many times before, you don't have to hate Trump supporters or wish them ill, but you cannot converse with them or expect them to be open to reason. They must be considered a serious threat to the Republic and defeated at all costs if America is to survive as a civilized nation. It is a fascistic movement following a cult leader who has brainwashed them into believing anything he says. They are beyond help -- at least in the short term -- and must now be destroyed from top to bottom. There can be no other way, and as nasty as it gets, fighting them tooth and nail is the only pathway to restoring sanity in America. The fact that they are still fighting Hillary Clinton over 18 months after the presidential election and calling for her to be jailed is a testament to their insanity. It is also a testament to their desperation and the gnawing sensation that the writing is on the wall and their beloved leader is falling apart at the seams.