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Watch Notorious White Supremacist Get Humiliated By His Dad On Livestream

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A message to all those following Alt Right politics and pro-white organizations: your leaders are losers, and this hilarious little video proves it. In a recently resurfaced live stream with a fellow anti-Semite and former US Senate candidate Patrick Little, Unite The Right organizer Jason Kessler gets interrupted by his father for taking over his room.

“Hey!” shouts Kessler’s father as the two are making anti-semitic comments. “You get out of my room!”

“Hey, sorry, I’m having an issue here,” Kessler says sheepishly to Little.

Little then asks Kessler if he has a “drunk roommate,” to which Kessler replies, "Something like that...I've got someone who supports Orthodox Israeli...we're at a crosshairs on that stuff,"

“I want this to stop in my room, Jason!” his father continues shouting. “This is my room!”
"You're not staying with an Orthodox Jew are you?" asks Little, swigging a beer.

Kessler then confesses that it is his father shouting at him. "No, it's my father," he says. "Basically the deal is my family watches American History Channel and it's constant anti-German propaganda. The Nazis! The Jews!"

Kessler then reveals that he is "stuck" with his family and was forced to move in after a series of lawsuits from last year’s violence in Charlottesville hit him financially.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Alt Right in all its glory. A sad little man ranting about Jews taking over the country talking to another sad little man from his parents' basement. What is perhaps sadder is the grip Kessler's disgusting ideology has on him -- like a pissy teenager, the 34 year old insults his own familywho are housing him on a live stream because they don't agree with his virulent racism and White Supremacist philosophy. It really couldn't get any more pathetic.