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Terrified of the Blue Wave, Georgia Republicans Shut down 75% of Black Voting Sites

Republicans have little to no use for democracy. We've known this for decades. It's why we had to pass the Voting Rights Act in the first place and why the extremists of the Republican controlled Supreme Court gutted it.

With that pesky law out of the way, Republicans can now pull bullshit moves like this:

The Randolph County elections board is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss a proposal that would eliminate seven of nine polling locations in the county, according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. Included in the proposed closures is Cuthbert Middle School where nearly 97 percent of voters are black.

Fox News, AM Hate Radio, and right wing hate sites will, of course, insist that this won't keep anyone from voting.

They are lying.

The closure of polling places will affect those who lack reliable transportation, the ACLU says. Public transit doesn't exist in much of the rural county, and 22 percent of the county's residents have no car. People who currently vote at the polling places that would close under the proposal would have to travel an additional 10 miles to vote, the ACLU says.

This is exactly the point. That, and long lines that will discourage people from voting even if they do manage to get there. Amazingly, these closures, which have been happening all over the South, only seem to happen in minority heavy areas that lean Democratic. Almost like the very racial discrimination the Republican Justices on the Supreme Court said no longer exists is still in full force.

Even more amazing, the Georgia GOP aren't even hiding their ill-intent:

In addition to statewide offices, Randolph County voters will also vote for state legislative seats in November. All nine polling locations were used during this year's primary and Republican run-off, so it is unclear why the locations would be closed down, Andrea Young said.

In other words, Georgia, which has been slowly shifting purple for some time, may be in danger of a Virginia-style blue wave that will push Republicans out of power and they know it. Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State are all up for grabs. As statewide offices, gerrymandering doesn't work and those positions are vital to the GOP in 2020 to keep their gerrymandered maps and rigged elections. The only solution is to physically stop black people from voting by taking away their access to voting machines. And if that doesn't work, they'll almost certainly push through a set of laws stripping the executive branch of its powers the way Republicans did in North Carolina.

If this smells like fear and desperation, that's because that's exactly what it is. But it's also part and parcel of the Republican hatred for American democracy. Along with fear of Trump's base, Trump's assault on the rule of law and democracy is why Republicans fully back him at every step. He's a battering ram doing the dirty work they've wanted all along. Never forget that.

Even after Trump is gone and Republicans pretend they were against him the entire time, they won't undo any of the damage he's done because a broken system is their goal. The only way to fix it is to crush them at the ballot box so badly they won't have the power to obstruct the naming of a post office much less block the restoring of the rule of law.