Broke as F*ck Nazi Richard Spencer Forced to Move Away from Washington D.C.

A few days before the spectacular failure of the white nationalist march in D.C., Richard Spencer, neo-Nazi scumbag leader of the alt-right, quietly packed up his stuff and surrendered; abandoning his apartment ten minutes outside of Washington D.C., headed for who knows where.

Back in January of 2017, Spencer, moved to my city of Alexandria in Northern Virginia. We're right outside of D.C. and it was obvious the vicious little weasel thought being close to the center of power would be a good thing now that white nationalism was running the White House.

He'd gotten together with a few of his fellow soulless white nationalist buddies and launched altright.com and later, a site for the National Policy Institute, a "think tank" for white nationalism. Both sites, needless to say, are dedicated to spreading hate speech.

Richard Spencer was on the scene! He had arrived! He was going to be a mover and a shaker! He was going to hobknob with the elite! He was going to shape America's future!

And then, apparently, nobody returned his phone calls. Just a month after his triumphant arrival to the Beltway, Spencer was kicked out of CPAC. White nationalism wasn't quite the "in" thing (yet) and saluting Hitler wasn't going to fly with Republicans (yet).

A few months later, Spencer headlined a massivelarge pathetic rally at the Lincoln Memorial. Washington's premier white nationalist couldn't draw more than a few hundred fellow Nazis to his banner. Two months after that debacle, the Nazi Tiki Torch parade in Charlottesville ended in murder and mayhem and open white nationalism became absolutely toxic in America despite the media's incessant efforts to mainstream it.

Spencer was booted off of Facebook, Youtube restricted his videos, and the only fundraising site that will touch him is something called "Freestartr", a site that caters to far right bigots. This was after Spencer accidentally put a different fundraising site, "MakerSupport" out of business.

Oh, and his websites are defunct, the most recent posts being 4 months old. Also, Spencer is being sued for a lot of money for his part in the violence in Charlottesville in 2017.

In other words, Richard Spencer can't afford to live in Old Town, Alexandria. It ain't cheap to live on the east side of my city (which is why I live on the west side) and since the affordable side is where all of Those People live, I'm pretty sure Spencer isn't packing up to move over here.

I'm speculating, of course, until we find out where he's setting up shop next (cough*his mother's basement*cough) but it looks like Richard Spencer's dreams of being a playah in D.C. have crashed and burned. We just didn't notice because it was such a pathetic little puff of smoke.

Now get the fuck out of my city and stay out, Nazi.