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There Goes The President Of The United States Calling Women Dogs Again...

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I don't have much to say about the Trump/Omarosa Manigault-Newman debacle currently taking up a truly insane amount of media time. Newman is a lying, narcissistic charlatan who went to work for a lying, narcissistic charlatan, making their extremely public falling out about as predictable as a hot summer in Las Vegas.

Manigault Newman is attempting to cash in on their falling out and has released a "tell all" book Unhinged about her time in the White House. Other than the audio recordings she made, the book can't be relied upon, because Manigault Newman is not a reliable person.

For example, Manigault Newman is now publicly claiming to have heard president Trump use the N-word while on the set of 'The Apprentice' on an audio tape, but in her book, she describes someone else hearing it and telling her about it. This does not mean Trump did not use the word (he almost certainly did), but it does mean Manigault Newman cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Her troubling relationship with reality is likely why Trump hired her in the first place as the president knew she would have a hard time seeing through his own lies.

Regardless, it isn't a particularly interesting spat and Trump as usual is using it to his advantage by exacerbating the drama and tweeting about it at all hours of the day, distracting the public from his war on American institutions, the environment, and civil society.

What is noteworthy about the president's latest assault on one of his former employees though, was his referral to Manigault-Newman as "that dog". He tweeted this early this morning:

While Trump supporters like to dismiss the president's vulgarity and rank misogyny as just "locker room banter", the reality is that his disgusting depiction and treatment of women is why his presidency was so dangerous from the beginning. Trump not only has a history of calling women "pigs", "dogs" and "slobs", he has a history of raping them too. This is a man who has been accused of sexually assaulting 19 women -- accused by his own wife of rape, and been caught on tape discussing his penchant for grabbing women by their genitals because when you are rich and famous "you can do anything". It is always worth remembering that a self-confessed sexual predator and virulent misogynist resides in the White House, and is supported unreservedly by one of the major political parties in America. Manigault-Newman may be an egotistical con artist, but she is still worthy of being respected as a woman and as a human being. As president of the United States, Trump more than anyone should abide by basic laws of human decency -- he is after all, the supposed "leader of the free world". The fact that he is calling one of his former women staffers a "dog" on twitter is so beneath the dignity of the office he holds that it is almost unfathomable to comprehend. But this is now what passes for normal in American politics, and no one around Trump will do anything to stop it. Trump's relationship with women is why so many people on the political spectrum were revulsed by his presidency. This to me was the biggest reason to fight against him with ever fiber of my being -- to stop his behavior from ever becoming normalized. This latest attack on women is yet more evidence that Trump must be resisted at all costs, and that his rank misogyny and sexism must be punished at the polls. It is a difficult task to make a feminist hero out of Manigault-Newman -- a woman who willingly went to work for a known sexual predator and conman -- but Trump is certainly helping her cause.