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Omarosa's Claims Ring True Because Trump is an A**hole and We All Know It

For the last couple of days, the media world has been jabbering nonstop about Omarosa's claims about Donald Trump and the people around him. Trump uses racial slurs. John Kelly is a white nationalist that let Puerto Rico rot on purpose. Trump's staff knows he's an imbecile and a racist. As Omarosa continues to pimp her book, more revelations will be forthcoming; that's how these things go.

Trump and the White house have, naturally, exploded with absolute fury. Trump surrogates have rushed to every camera available to denounce Omarosa as a liar and a lunatic. The official GOP Twitter feed has been a litany of anti-Omarosa screeds. I haven't taken a peek at Fox News but presumably Omarosa is now Public Enemy #2 (Mueller will remain #1 for the foreseeable future).

The recurring theme is that Omarosa has no credibility so no one should listen to a word she says. That would probably be more convincing if the entire media machine of the right hadn't gone to Defcon 1. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." If there's a more appropriate line from Shakespeare to describe this part of the ongoing tragedy that is the Trump presidency, I don't know it.

The professional liars and propagandists of the right aren't actually wrong, however. Omarosa has no credibility, although she does have some recordings. But beyond those, zero credibility. This is a woman whose entire claim to fame was being mean on a reality TV show and then kissing Trump's ass so hard he gave her a job doing...something at the White House. After she was fired, Trump's people knew she was going to spill the beans so they tired to bribe her with another job. Now we know why so many fired White House employees keep ending up working for the Trump campaign.

But still, zero credibility.

And yet, that doesn't seem to matter much. There's nothing she's said that's caused a single person outside of the Trump bubble to scoff in disbelief. And, let's be honest, most of the people inside the bubble aren't scoffing, either.

This is because of the same problem I wrote about 18 months ago. When people reveal terrible things about Donald Trump, they're easy to believe because Donald Trump is a terrible person:

Trump’s relentless need to prove he’s better than others stems from his knowledge that he is a fop, a pretender playacting the role of nobility. No matter how much money or power he garners, Trump knows that he is a low class buffoon who happens to excel at scamming others. He’s a reverse My Fair Lady in which, born to wealth, he cannot transcend his own limitations, wallowing in depravity and pettiness because it comforts him.

That's still 100% true. Trump is a garbage person and he's surrounded by garbage people. When Omarosa says John Kelly blocked aid to Puerto Rico, there's absolutely no reason to disbelieve her. Kelly has made it abundantly clear over the last year that if you are not a white American, he does not consider you an actual American. When she says Trump uses racial slurs regularly, there's absolutely no reason to to doubt her. Trump is blindingly racist and even his staff knows it's just a matter of time until we hear the recordings ourselves.

So, yes, even though Omarosa is formerly one of Trump's garbage people and has zero credibility, the people she's dishing dirt on have even less.