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The White Nationalists Are Winning The Battle But Losing The War

When your entire philosophy is "Kill everyone else", it's hard to build a winning electoral strategy.

On Sunday, Jason Kessler and his Nazis proudly marched into Washin..., wait, no, that's not right.

On Sunday, Jason Kessler and his Nazis skulked into Washington D.C., just yards away from the temporary home of their orange idol, and then quickly ran off with their tails between their legs. Sure, it was raining a bit and there was thunder and lightning. And, yes, they were outnumbered by counterprotesters by about 100 to 1. But this is the Master Race we're talking about! The warrior elite for the oppressed White Man!

All two dozen of them!

This was the most pathetic Nazi rally I'd been to since...the last Nazi rally I'd been to in June of 2017. Richard Spencer's little hate fest had a whole whopping 300 people show up and it was pathetic. Sunday's Russian tea party ("gathering" is too strong a word, I've had larger PTA meetings) was so insignificant, the vast majority of the counterprotesters didn't even know the Nazis had come and left until the police announced it on a loudspeaker. I kid you not.

When the most common question you hear is "Did you actually see any Nazis?", your Nazi rally is a total failure. On the other hand, the rest of us had a grand ol' time cheering, singing, and chanting. Even in the rain, we were full of energy and joy and that was before we knew the Nazis had retreated in full defeat. After that, people stuck around for the next hour or so just because it was fun to be in a crowd of people who also hate Nazis. The singing and cheering continued because why the hell not? We'd just beaten the Nazis just by standing together as one.

These were people ready to send a message in November. Kessler and his pathetic group probably went home ready to send a message filled with a lot of cursing about the Jew media on Reddit.

Yet, we are to believe the Nazis are winning according to Adam Serwer of The Atlantic:

Despite the controversy over the [Charlottesville] rally and its bloody aftermath, the white nationalists’ ideological goals remain a core part of the Trump agenda. As long as that agenda finds a home in one of the two major American political parties, a significant portion of the country will fervently support it. And as an ideological vanguard, the alt-right fulfilled its own purpose in pulling the Republican Party in its direction.

As evidence of this, Serwer cites the facts that Trump still openly panders to white nationalists, white nationalists openly run as Republicans while sitting Republicans look the other way, and Fox News has begun to openly use white nationalist rhetoric. Clearly, the white nationalists are winning in these terms. Here's the problem.

I knew when Trump was elected that white nationalism was a mortal threat to the nation. I knew that it was a violent, murderous philosophy predicated on ethnic cleansing. I knew, as all Jews and any mildly attentive student of history know, that white nationalism can only lead to atrocities and crimes against humanity.

After Charlottesville, everyone else knew it, too.

Yes, the press has gone to insane lengths to paint a rosy picture of "The Nazi Next Door" and "Magic Ruralism" in which white nationalism doesn't inevitably lead to genocide but no one outside of the MAGA bubble and the Beltway media bubble really believes it. White nationalism stood revealed in all of its ugliness.

After that, the anti-fascists hunted them down and exposed them everywhere they could. Public shaming of white nationalists and run-of-the-mill racists has become the new American past time. There are few things in the world as sweet as hearing the plaintive wail of "My life is ruined!" after a once loud and proud Trump voter is caught on video screaming racial slurs.

It's gotten so bad that white nationalists no longer want to be seen in public with their faces uncovered for fear of being exposed. A sharp turnaround from just a year ago when hundreds of them marched in Virginia and were kind enough to hold up enough Tiki torches so we could all get a good look at their faces.

When you are afraid to openly identify as a white nationalist, your movement is not "winning."

This is why the white nationalists will lose the war. America will not accept ethnic cleansing again, soft or otherwise. In a nation that is on the brink of becoming majority minority, tens of millions of people with brown skin being removed by force will be intolerable. But Republicans will be forced to pursue those policies because it's the only thing their base cares about now. Making America white again is their core motivation and any politician that doesn't throw themselves into ending the "Brown Menace" will be removed.

And so the GOP will be forced to commit electoral suicide. Death by white nationalism as the country rejects their evil like a virus. They'll hold onto a bunch of states like Kansas and Tennessee, of course, but Florida, Texas, Arizona, and others will slip through their fingers in time and their ability to compete on a national level will fade until they give up the ghost of the Confederacy.

This will not be a short battle. Republicans will cheat to win elections and voter suppression will keep them in power for years after they should have shriveled up and died. But in a country as diverse as America, white nationalism cannot survive out in the open. The more they "win" by turning the right into their brand of mindless hate, the harder their fall is going to be.

And that fall starts this November.