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Robert Mueller Must Subpoena Donald Trump

Trump has been evading the law for decades. That has to end.

The next big saga in this corrupt presidency is whether or not Donald Trump will voluntarily be interviewed by Robert Mueller and his team. The answer is simple: Hell no! Robert should subpoena Trump anyway and force his hand.

Donald Trump knows he's a guilty man and the walls are quickly closing in. A number of former staff members directly involved in nefarious aspects of the presidential campaign have become informants such as Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos. The list will almost certainly get longer in the weeks ahead. Trump surrounded himself with astonishingly incompetent co-conspirators, leaving himself extremely vulnerable.

But Trump himself has been his own worst enemy. You know the idiot that robs a bank with no mask on and then sits outside the bank counting the money before the police comes and arrests the fool? That’s been Trump’s conduct as it relates to the Russian investigation. Trump has publicly incriminated himself so often, you need an accounting ledger to keep track of his misdeeds. Some of the more obvious obstructive acts has been the Lester Holt interview when Trump admitted to wanting to end the investigation, the firing of FBI director James Comey, and his public urging of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Mueller probe.

The man has shown no self-restraint and has become a defense lawyer’s legalistic nightmare. Trump’s lawyers are doing everything possible to keep him away from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and for good reason. This is why subpoenaing Trump becomes even more important.

Trump’s Lawyer Rudi Giuliani spilled the beans in his Sean Hannity interview when he said: “Why do you want to get him under oath? Do you think we’re fools? You want to get him under oath because you want to trap him into perjury. Well, we’re not going to let you do that.” An innocent man does not fear a perjury trap. Giuliani’s contortions on TV, calling Mueller and his team corrupt, suggesting Trump wants to testify, then saying he will only meet with Mueller under certain conditions, are lies and brazen attempts at creating confusion and manipulating public opinion. Trump won’t meet with Robert Mueller unless he is compelled to do so.

Mueller cannot allow this American tragedy unfold without making every effort to get Trump’s testimony on record. If Mueller moves forward with recommending charges against Trump, Mueller cannot leave the prospect of America’s first treasonous president casting himself as the victim; the aggrieved, unfairly treated person who was not given the opportunity to speak for himself because Mueller never required him to do so. Trump, the instinctual manipulator that he is, will use the words ‘never required’ as the basis for his martyrdom. That is how Trump and the alternative reality that he lives in will frame this to the American people.

Trump will use the right-wing and national media to claim victimhood every day and both will capitulate to the Trump narrative. The Republican Party has already abdicated their oath of office in order to protect Trump's criminal administration, so we can’t expect any action from them.

Legal experts, analysts, and Giuliani himself have suggested a Mueller subpoena may result in Trump pleading the 5th and the right to avoid self-incrimination. Fine, let Trump do so if he wants. His refusal will only make him look even more guilty (if that's even possible) and the mounting evidence Mueller will present will still be damaging beyond reasonable doubt.

The Democrats and their leadership can play a major role in embarrassing Donald Trump and holding him accountable by using the media to publicly challenge Trump to testify. They could call daily news conferences to show video of Trump saying he would love to interview with Mueller. Democrats could uniformly confront Trump about calling the investigation a “witch hunt” and tell the American people, if you’re so innocent and you’ve done nothing wrong, then why won’t you answer Mueller's questions? Democrats should be relentless with the media in stressing this point. Also, this strategy provides greater protection to Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein from Trump and/or the GOP firing them. Something Rachel Maddow just revealed Republicans still have every intention of doing.

This is a high stakes game of American democracy versus an autocratic mafia president. Robert Mueller has a duty to find the truth and go where the evidence leads him. Mueller should confront Donald Trump with a subpoena. The history books and future generations should not ask the question, “Why didn’t Mueller subpoena Donald Trump?” Posterity and justice demands it.

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