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After Insisting I 'Talk To Racists', NYT Hypocrite Blocked Me on Twitter

The hypocrisy of the people telling us that we need to "listen" to racists and white nationalists is unbelievable.

A week ago, Maragret Renkl of the New York Times wrote the latest in the Times' Magical Ruralism genre in which we liberals just need to talk to jaw droppingly racist Trump voters in order to understand that they're just like us.

Needless to say, as a Jew and a Latino that's been listening to white Republican voters scream for both my deportation and my extermination for the last two years, I'm a bit fed up with being told that I need to understand them. I understand them just fine while it was clear that Renkl did not, a point I made in my response to Renkl's work of fiction:

After this, I tweeted a few times to Renkl to highlight how off base she was with her privileged admonishments to liberals. White Republican voters are not poor, misunderstood creatures longing for dialogue; they are hate-filled soulless monsters that live to spread misery wherever they go:

Today, I went to tweet another slightly sarcastic plea for Renkl to sit down and talk with a rabid Trump supporter. But, alas!, said tweet was not to be. I've been blocked by several public figures from the right and the fringe left on Twitter for pointing out their hypocrisy. I'm used to it. But this is the first time I've been offended by sheer chutzpah of a person. Follow me here: Margaret Renkl wrote an entire article in the New York Times lambasting liberals for scolding right wing racists. We have to listen to them, she said. Really listen, she said. It's the only way to move forward, she said. We have to be willing to sit down and listen to people who openly talk about ethnically cleansing America because they're not such bad people once you get to know them, she said. Liberals who don't listen to racists are just being moralizing snobs and they're not helping, she said. So we on the left have to put up with all the abuse the right heaps on us and smile. But when I, someone from the left, gently (and if you've read anything I've ever written, you'll know the kid's gloves were very firmly on) prods Renkl over her article, did she smile and listen? Did she take the time to really engage like she was insisting we on the left do? Well of course fucking not. She stuffed her fingers in her ears and shut out the criticism. Shut up, lefty! I can't hear you! This demand for civility is, and will always be, a one way street. White Republican voters can shoot Emmett Till's memorial, start white nationalist riots, and openly call for genocide and the press will cluck its tongue then move on to the next story. But when liberals politely ask a government official to leave their business or not so politely razz them out of a restaurant, suddenly it's a national emergency. Renkl, of course, will claim she was being bullied. I'm far from the only person that was giving her grief over her insipid article but there is no world in which my tweets can be construed as harsh or cruel. If this was too much for her to countenance, how dare she ask us to sit down and talk with people who call us "animals" and "criminals" while claiming to be genetically superior to us? Renkl demanded liberals be open to baseless criticism from the very worst people America has to offer while refusing to be open to any kind of criticism herself. There's a word for people who tell others "Do as I say, not as I do" and we on the left are so over the hypocrisy of people like Renkl it's not even funny.

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