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Trump's Confessed to Russian Collusion Because He Knows Corrupt Republicans Will Protect Him

Trump is still worried about what the Mueller probe will dig up but he already knows the Republican Party will fall on their swords for him.

I was only mildly surprised yesterday morning when Donald Trump tweeted that the infamous Trump Tower meeting was, in fact, about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russians. Trump had just admitted his son, his son-in-law, and his campaign chair committed a felony. He also admitted he'd tried to obstruct justice when he personally dictated the letter saying the meeting was about adoption. That is also a crime. One that Nixon was impeached for.

I say "mildly surprised" because while Trump often confesses to crimes, this directly justifies Robert Mueller's investigation into obstruction of justice. It also explicitly states his guilt in no unambiguous terms. But the "mild" part had more to do with how little Republicans will do about it than with Trump undermining his own efforts to end the Mueller probe.

Let's be brutally blunt here: Republicans are all in on treason now. Whether it's because they're that spineless, that power mad, or because they're just as compromised by Russia doesn't matter. The GOP is doing everything possible to stop the Russia probe, protect Trump from any kind of serious investigation, and keep our elections as vulnerable as possible to Russian attacks. Even without knowing the "why", the pattern is too clear not to understand the "what".

Which leads us back to Trump's ability to confess to criminal activity and be safe in the knowledge he won't be held accountable. Republicans are in so deep now they won't lift a finger. The few that will harrumph in front of the cameras won't do so for long. Most will simply hide until the story blows over. Several will bellow their defiant defense on Fox News, because at this point, there is no such thing as a talking point too ridiculous to defend Trump that the base won't eat up like candy.

The Democrats can scream until they're blue in the face but the press has made it excruciatingly clear they don't give a flying fuck what the left has to say whether they're in power or not. Did you know there have been daily protests outside the White House for three weeks now? They've had celebrities, Democrats, a Mariachi ban, etc. show up. Seen much coverage of it? Of course you haven't. Remember how much coverage there was of every Tea Party gathering no matter how small? Yeah, the "liberal" press isn't interested in what the left has to say no matter how loudly we say it.

And that's why Trump will get away with confessing to felonies on Twitter. Republicans will protect him because they know the press will protect them. They will face little to no consequences from the media. A little bit of outrage, maybe a tough question here or there but then back to business as usual. After all, Republicans are allowed to play hardball, break the rules, shred political norms and pay no price for it. It's only when Democrats stray does the press lose its collective mind and punish the transgressors. That's why Al Franken was pushed out of Congress while Roy Moore had to be beaten by a surge of black voters and why Jim Jordan still has a job.

Republicans literally defended alleged pedophilia and paid no price for it. What makes anyone think they won't get away with defending treason and obstruction of justice? And once Trump gets away with this, it will be easier to admit that he was working with Russia all along to make America great again. Every step leading to the next confession.

At least until the Democrats take over the House and Senate and the real investigations begin. If you ever want to see the rule of law reinstated in this country, vote blue in November because Republicans are now completely lawless.