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Florida Republican Ron DeSantis Airs The Saddest Political Ad Of All Time

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I had to watch this ad twice to make sure this wasn't a joke. Sadly, it isn't, and should go down as the most nauseating political campaign ad ever created. This is from Florida Republican Ron DeSantis who is running for governor, and also so far up Donald Trump's behind that it's a wonder he is still breathing:

If it is true that Desantis has his toddler daughter playing "build the wall," teaches her to read a "Make America Great Again," and reads "The Art of the Deal" to his infant son, the Republican politician may actually surpass Sean Hannity in his unyielding devotion to the president. Either way, the ad is proof of his extreme lack of dignity and a powerful reason not to vote for him, even if you are a Trump supporter. Elected officials should have at least a modicum of self respect, and with this truly sad campaign ad, Desantis has relegated himself to the level of Ted Cruz -- a man who still shills for the president despite Trump insulting his wife and disparaging his father. More than anything, this campaign ad is evidence of just how far gone the Republican party is. It is now the party of Trump, and anyone running for office as a Republican must declare their undying love for him. Desantis has clearly taken this to astonishing new heights but he has been rewarded for his bootlicking after the president flew to Florida to endorse him (and of course to brag about himself). Desantis is a representative of the modern Republican Party -- a spineless, greedy little man who derives his self worth from picking on minorities and the poor. His agenda is Trump's agenda, and like everyone involved with this administration's war on American civil society, he must be stopped. He is facing another pro-Trump Republican in the primary at the end of this month, so Florida voters have only two choices come November: sanity or madness.