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Trump Is Right: The Media Is Broken

The "liberal" press took time out from not holding Trump or Republicans accountable for anything to complain about the Obamas not saving America from Trump and Republicans.

I know, that headline probably made you gag. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. And in Trump's case, not even that much.

Trump screams about the press being the "enemy of the people" fairly regularly now because like all authoritarian thugs, he cannot stand a free press accurately reporting on his corruption, incompetence, and human rights abuses. On the other hand, the press has been struggling with accurately reporting on Republicans like Trump for decades and even now, as he literally threatens them, it's not getting better.

This Saturday, the Obamas went to a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert and had a great time. This got Cnn's Jake Tapper's feathers in a ruffle:

Curiously, after the absolute trouncing the Republicans took in 2006 and 2008, there was no similar comments from Tapper, or anyone else in the media, about how George W. Bush had to come back and fix the party. But it gets worse. When challenged on it, Tapper manages to dig the hole deeper.

"...he presided over a historically precipitous decline of his party. Just a factual matter." It's true. The Democrats lost a lot of seats after the election of Obama. It's a "factual matter". And it's one that the press loves to talk about because it allows them to spin out their favorite narrative, that of "Dems in Disarray".

This is not to say the Democrats haven't made mistakes. Of course they have. But just blithely pointing out the decline of the party leaves out a teeny tiny bit of the context around that "factual matter" that might just explain why "some Dems seem angrier at my tweet than at that fact."

What Tapper and entirely too much of the Beltway media forget to talk about when they cluck their tongues at the "historically precipitous decline" is how it happened. And they do this because they played an integral role in making it happen. They were complicit in series of lies, power grabs, and political extremism that has taken our country to the edge of destruction. If Tapper were to bring any of that up, he would excommunicated by the media elite.

For instance, after Bush ran the country into the ditch and set the economy on fire, the voters overwhelmingly put the Democratic Party in control with their third or fourth supermajority in the Senate in the last 60 years. Did you know Democrats are the only party that keeps getting enough votes to pull that off? No, you probably didn't because that doesn't fit the "Dems in Disarray" narrative.

The media is broken.

Right after the 2008 election, the Tea Party magically sprang into existence and the media was in lust with them. They couldn't stop writing stories about the angry white people that had lost the election. Curiously, again, fast forward 8 years and you'd think that the press would be writing endless stories about the far larger movement of people from all walks of life that were angry about losing the election. Especially under such shady circumstances. Instead, we're still getting an endless deluge of articles about...angry white people that won the election.

The media is broken.

In 2010, the GOP rode the astroturf movement built on extreme racism to victory. The vicious hatred directed towards the color of the president was unlike anything seen before but the press poo-pooed liberals decrying the overt racism. Republicans were allowed to whip up racial resentment to their heart's content while the press told the left to stop playing the race card and talk about issues, dammit, issues!

The media is broken.

After 2010, the GOP gerrymandered the House with such extreme prejudice that they could lose by 5 points and still send twice as many people to Washington. They purged millions from voting roles. They ended Sunday voting. They limited early voting. They closed down polling places. They took away voting machines. They passed Voter IDs laws. They stole a seat on the Supreme Court. The press wrote some articles, threw up its collective hands and said, "There's nothing we can do!"

By way of contrast, they wrote literally hundreds of articles about Benghazi and Hillary's emails and waged open war against her because, goddammit, that bitch had to be held accountable!

The media is broken.

During and after the Obamacare debate, Republicans lied over and over again about what was in the bill. Outrageous lies. Total fabrications. Chuck Todd, ostensibly a reporter, literally said it wasn't his job to tell people the truth. Conversely, Jon Stewart had one of the most devastating interviews debunking those lies, making him a better reporter than Chuck Todd despite being a comedian. Still, most "reporters" went with the Chuck Todd method of not actually reporting because calling a lie a lie wouldn't be fair to Republicans.

The media is broken.

In 2016, while Donald Trump had scandal after scandal pile up, the press gave him literally billions in free air time. While Hillary Clinton gave rallies discussing policies that the networks cut short, those same networks preempted other shows to put Trump's empty podium on air. Why? Because he was going to come out any second, and he was great for ratings! And then the talking heads complained that Hillary wasn't discussing policy.

As the race dragged on and Trump;'s scandals forced themselves onto the public's consciousness, the press scrambled to find something, anything, else to focus on. Trump's foundation did a bunch of shady stuff? Let's investigate Hillary's foundation and invent shady things to complain about. Trump engaged in pay to play politics? Hillary must have done that somewhere so we'll say the "perception" of it makes her look bad. Trump has had multiple affairs? Hillary's husband had affairs so...close enough. Both candidates are clearly the same. Except Hillary is worse because she has emails.

The media is broken.

Even now, with Nazis marching in the streets, Republicans openly obstructing justice, and a president bending the knee to Russia in front of the world, the press has the time to criticize Michelle and Barack Obama for not riding to the rescue and fixing the mess the press enabled by turning a blind eye to a "historically precipitous decline" in Republican morality, ethics, and observance of the rule of law.

When someone sets your house on fire and shatters the fireman's kneecaps with the baseball you handed them, it's in poor taste to complain that they're not putting the fire out for you.

The media is broken. It's a factual matter.