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Who's Ready for a Little Constitutional Crisis?

We're on the cusp of Trump's treason and corruption being fully exposed. But with a cowardly and complicit GOP, will it matter?

The Mueller investigation grinds inexorably onward no matter how hard House Republicans try to derail it. Their latest attempt was so inept, the conservative Weekly Standard slammed it as a "sham" and "sloppy". And now that Trump's mobbed up lawyer Michael Cohen has announced that Trump knew about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russia and approved of it, we're that much closer to direct evidence that the President of the United States worked with a hostile foreign government to steal the 2016 election.

It doesn't matter if Cohen is as trustworthy as a scorpion on a frog's back if he can deliver the goods or point the FBI in the right direction. Useful information from a scumbag is still useful information and Cohen knows where all the bodies are buried.

But aside from this, the FBI seized and awful lot of information from Cohen and the several other investigations are circling closer to Trump's finances and business dealings. Had Republicans not blocked congressional investigations for the last 18 months, this would have all come out over a year ago. Hell, if the press had done its job instead of obsessing over Hillary's emails, we would have known about all of this before the election. But regardless, it's coming and it's going to redefine presidential corruption for the next fifty years.

When it all comes crashing down, Trump will be exposed as a criminal and, more than likely, a literal traitor to the the United States if not an actual active Russian asset. And this is where the crisis comes in.

Trump's base will not care. Of course they won't. Trump could literally be on tape admitting that he works directly for Russia and as long as he followed that up with "But I promise to keep making America white again", they would start learning to speak Russian.

That means the Republican Party will do absolutely nothing about the findings of the investigations. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Or rather, they won't do anything of substance. A few of them will cluck their tongues. Some will frown and mumble their disapproval. A handful, forced to give a statement after having been run down and tackled by reporters, will say something about how they're disappointed in the president or how these aren't Republican values. Then they'll gnaw their own leg off to escape and scurry back to their office.

Then we'll have a known criminal sitting in the Oval Office. And not a "Yeah, he lied to Congress about an extramarital affair because it's none of your damn business" criminal, but an actual criminal that violated numerous laws and literally works with and for another country against the United States. Everything he does is illegitimate. Everything he's done since being sworn in is illegitimate. He cannot continue being the president but Republicans will not remove him because something something "judges" and "Trump voters".

What happens then? Do we still call ourselves a democracy? Does the rule of law still have any meaning when one man is immune to it? Do we simply wait until 2020 to vote him out and hope he doesn't start arresting Democrats and journalists and activists in the meantime? Who's going to stop him at that point? Republicans will have already made it clear that he is an unaccountable king, beholden to none.

I don't have the answers and neither does anyone else. That's what makes it a crisis. I will tell you this much, though: There will be two, and only two, sides in the coming months. Those who enable treason and those who will not tolerate it. Anyone who puts their head down and covers their ears is on Team Treason and they're going to be held to account just like everyone actively supporting Trump. There is no neutral ground when a criminal is destroying the country. Not picking a side is picking a side and it's the wrong one.