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Breitbart Is Desperately Trolling "Woke" Liberals

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    Original: is not really a news website per se, but more of a right wing message board that has elevated some of its more prolific trolls to paid staff positions. They do not exist to report on the news, they do not exist to shine a light on important issues, or stand for any ethics when it comes to their reporting. Breitbart exists merely to troll liberals and to keep the king of all trolls Donald Trump in the White House.

In order to do this, the team of writers/trolls working day and night have to continuously come up with new ways of irritating liberals. Their latest wheeze is one of their weakest plays -- a tired flailing shot at millennials and liberals who stand opposed to Donald Trump. It consists of adding the words "Woke Nation" to headlines about resistance to Donald Trump. Some examples:

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Admittedly, liberals claiming to be "woke" are usually immensely irritating, but Breitbart's use of the term to paint all resistance to Trump as the screechings of entitled college students is far more asinine. This is a site that believes the alternative to posturing millennials is overt racism and ethno nationalism. Donald Trump is apparently the right antidote to identity politics, because rank ignorance and an inability to articulate oneself is really a sign of strong leadership.

Breitbart unfortunately still wields considerable power in America, channeling the racism so many Trump supporters feel and articulating it publicly. It is a troll factory feeding and spawning more trolls, forever inventing new ways to pollute public discourse and drive a wedge between Americans.

It is always worth remembering that it is better to be "woke" than a bigot, that there is no equivalency between the identity politics left and the neo-fascism sweeping through America.