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How Not To Deal With Rape Charges

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A word of advice for any men convicted of attempting to rape unconscious women: don't ever do what Brock Turner is trying to do in a California court today. Reported the Huffington Post:

A lawyer for convicted rapist Brock Turner attempted to overturn the former Stanford University swimmer’s assault conviction during an appellate court hearing in San Jose, California, on Tuesday.

Attorney Eric Multhaup argued to three appellate court justices that his client only wanted “outercourse” ― sexual contact while fully clothed, he explained ― not intercourse, The Mercury News of San Jose reported. Multhaup told the justices that Turner never intended to rape the woman, who was identified only as “Jane Doe” throughout the trial.

Turner filed an appeal to California’s 6th District Court of Appeal in December after being convicted in March 2016 of three felony sexual assault charges including attempted rape. At the time, his lawyers argued that the trial was “a detailed and lengthy set of lies.”

The Turner case was disturbing on many, many levels, and serves as a very stark reminder of what women have to put up with in our society. For reasons best known to himself, Turner and his lawyer appear to believe that attempting to only sexually assault his victim while she was dressed (and still unconscious) makes everything OK because he wasn't trying to enter her vagina (Multhaup described "outercourse" as an activity that does not involve vaginal sex counts as a "version of safe sex.")

Let's be clear about this: sexually assaulting someone while unconscious and attempting to have "intercourse" or "outercourse" with them is absolutely fucking reprehensible and should be punishable by far more than the ridiculous 6 months Turner was sentenced to. Turner is a rapist and deserves to be treated as such. To try and quibble with the definition of rape in this way is one of the reasons the #MeToo movement took off with such ferocity, and one of the reasons it is going anywhere anytime soon.