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Trump's White House Goes Full 1984 But So What?

We have reached full Orwellian levels of erasing history but Trump's cult will smile and accept it without question.

Last night, Rachel Maddow ran a segment about Trump's White House editing the Helsinki Humiliation. Because in the dystopian 1984 world we live in now, we're expected to just swallow a lie no matter how obvious or how much evidence exists to counter it.

In true 1984 "down the memory hole" style, Trump's goons removed from the transcript a reporter's question to dictator Vladimir Putin about whether or not he had his people help Trump "win" the 2016 election:

And then they did the same thing to the official White House video record of the question: The silence from Republicans is no longer deafening because they've clearly decided that siding with treason and corruption is acceptable. As far as they're concerned, no price is too high to hold onto power and to corrupt the judiciary with as many extremist judges as they can illegally force down our throats. But Trump's white Republican voters are another matter. Watching them will be a nightmare. This is where the worst case scenario of 1984 will come to pass. Give it a few weeks and the official White House transcript will be gospel to them. Bring up the discrepancy and they will dismiss the unaltered video and transcript as "fake news". Down the memory hole it goes. We've always been at war with Eastasia. At first, most of them won't really believe it, but over time and constant repetition, it will become a "fact" on the right that Putin never confessed to helping Trump win and that the Helsinki Humiliation was actually a victory for Trump. They will look at the unaltered video and claim that it was altered. The more you show it to them, the more they will believe it's fake. Even the white Republican voters who watched the event live will rewrite their own memory to accommodate the lie because, well, cultists gotta cult. Cognitive dissonance is easier than questioning. Even as I'm writing this article, the Trump regime just started telling people that on the just released Micheal Cohen tape, Trump is saying the exact opposite of what you can clearly hear him saying. Believe the Dear Leader, don't believe your lying eyes and ears. And whatever you do, don't believe the Lugenpresse because they're the enemy of the people. If George Orwell were still alive, he would have killed himself with a copy of his own book. Update: The Washington Post says this is all just an innocent mixup and that the "edit" is really just an audio glitch. I'd love to believe that but considering the "glitch" just happens to elide the very question that Trump does not want answered and the regime's ongoing nuclear war on reality, it's a little too convenient an answer for my comfort. At this point in time, the Trump regime does not receive the benefit of the doubt under any circumstances. They've burned all of their capital in that regard and everything they say and do must be considered a lie until proven true.