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Putin Made Treasonous Trump Look Weak so He Just Threatened Iran with War

Trump thinks ragetweeting war threats at Iran will make people forget how pathetic he looked licking Putin's shoes. He's wrong.

It's Monday so it must be time for Trump's latest Twitter distraction. Yawn. This week? War with Iran because they said mean things about us or something. That's nice. No one has forgotten Trump is a Russian puppet but "A" for effort?

Ever since Trump in knelt before Putin in front of the world and kissed his ring, Trump has been trying to change the narrative. For some bizarre reason, he was shocked to learn that Americans, including the sycophants at Fox News, found the scene repulsive in every conceivable way. A week later, people were still bandying about the word treason. The walk back was so stupid that the only thing it did was piss people off even more. Yes, it gave some Republicans a fig leaf to hide behind but no one was really buying it. The conversation was still very much that Trump is #PutinsPoodle. The word "treason" was still everywhere. After that, the Trump regime pulled out the big guns: A sex scandal! They leaked news that Trump's former lawyer had recorded him discussing paying off a mistress before the election. That worked for a day or two but then people went back to talking about Trump fellating Putin in Helsinki. It was the most pathetic display of weakness in modern American history. People kept talking about treason. Next, Trump tried to screech about NFL players because racism's always a winner with his idiot base. But no one paid any real attention. The President of the United States had rolled over and shown his belly on live television and people were furious. It's almost like watching the leader of America more or less swear fealty to the leader of a hostile nation was unacceptable. So now we're down to banging the war drums. And it has to be Iran because Trump is still hoping to con a Nobel Peace Prize out of the sham talks with North Korea. When that doesn't work, Trump may lob a few missiles at an abandoned airbase because that always gives the "liberal" press at least 48 hours of wood. It's better than extra strength Viagra. If not, he'll find some minority group and pull its wings off in a very public act of cruelty. Anything to make the story of how he meekly submitted to Putin in front of the world go away. The one thing Trump cannot tolerate is to look week. Right now, he looks like the weakest president in modern American history. The steps he's taking to reverse that perception are growing increasingly unhinged and woe be unto anyone that gets in his way.