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Chris Cillizza: There's No Real Difference Between Trump and Obama

It takes a special kind of jackass to claim Obama's scandal free presidency and Trump's dumpster fire are the same. Chris Cillizza is that jackass.

Chris Cillizza has one job and one job only: Blame both sides for the rapidly declining state of American politics. No matter what the GOP does or how horrible they are, Chris Cillizza finds a way to wring his hands over how both the left and the right brought us to this point.

Today's fetid example of Cillizza's brain trash concerns "Trump Derangement Syndrome", the right's clever way of pretending that protests against Nazis, torturing children, and treason are just products of liberal hysteria. You see, to Chris Cillizza, this is no difference between the racist right wing freak out over a black president ("Obama Derangement Syndrome") and the left screaming about Trump being a literal white nationalist fascist. It's just more of both sides overreacting!

Viewed more broadly, the rise of presidential derangement syndromes is a function of increased polarization -- not to mention our national self-sorting -- at work in the country today.

In other words, this is all about tribalism. That's the favorite term of the "view from nowhere" media that refuses to render judgement. Except when it's a liberal being "uncivil", of course. Sure, Trump is deliberately inflicting massive amounts of harm on people. Yes, he's openly promoting white nationalism. And, yeah, even his own party is bandying about the word "treason" these days but, really, all this fuss is just polarization and tribalism. Both sides! Both sides!

Both sides do it!

Chris Cillizza goes on to emphasize how "both sides" are to blame for America's debased political discourse:

We no longer live around, work around or pal around with people who think any differently than us. We watch cable news that affirms what we already think. We read ideological "news" sites that tell us how good our side is and how bad the other one is. And on and on and on.

Is it any wonder then that we are increasingly willing to lump those who disagree with us into the "deranged" category? To say that those who don't share our views are mentally deficient in some way?

The only way any of this makes sense is if there are no real differences between Trump and Obama's presidencies; if both are equally bad. And that's exactly what Cillizza is suggesting here. He just archly declares both sides to be equally guilty and washes his hands of the whole thing.

Screw you, Chris Cillizza. Both side don't.

This is how the "liberal media" has been letting the right get away with murder for decades. This forced equivalence between two extremely unequal things allows Republicans to lie, cheat, and steal. The result? "Both sides" get punished for it. The Trump regime has been the single most corrupt, incompetent, racist, treasonous government the United States has ever had. Yet, Chris Cillizza can't stop himself from saying the objectively justified reaction to this cancer on America is exactly the same as the right's overtly racist reaction to Obama's scandal free presidency. Both are the same because they have to be or Cillizza is out of a job.

When Republicans declare there is a blizzard in the middle of July and Democrats stand outside in a heatwave yelling, "Are you f*cking insane?!", Chris Cillizza's job is to write an article about how terrible it is that both sides can't agree on the weather and why can't Democrats be more civil? If Cillizza ever, for a second, admits that the Republican Party has become the party of extremism, he's gone. He exists to sell the lie that both sides are the same.

Chris Cillizza is a useful idiot in the destruction of American democracy.