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Breitbart's Truly Insane Rationalization Of Trump's Russia Sellout

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In an effort to completely white wash president Trump's treasonous comments to Vladimir Putin about the hacking of the US election in 2016, Trump propaganda outlet has been working over time to undo the damage. In a hilariously pitiful post yesterday, the Alt Right troll farm claimed that Trump had "cleaned up" his comments about US intelligence agencies (and no, we don't link to Breitbart):

President Donald Trump insisted Tuesday he trusted the United States intelligence agencies, as he cleaned up his remarks from Monday’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Let me begin by saying that once again the full faith and support for America’s intelligence agencies…I have full faith and support for America’s greatest intelligence agencies. I always have,” Trump said.

The White House lights went out after Trump spoke, sparking him to joke that it might be the intelligence agencies messing with the power.

“Whoops, they just turned off the lights,” he joked. “That must be the intelligence agencies.”

If by "cleaned up" Breitbart really means "lied through his teeth," the white supremacist spam site is giving an accurate account of Trump's sudden about turn. Of course in Alt Right fantasy land, telling lies is the same thing as telling the truth, and whatever Trump says from one minute to the next is taken as the gospel truth. If Trump says he didn't say something, then he didn't, even if he was recorded doing so in front of the entire planet.

It's a difficult but convenient place to be as you don't ever have to adhere to the normal rules of evidence. You can say or believe anything to be true, and by virtue of you believing it, it must be so.

It is Breitbart's job to normalize this madness, but the poor reporters must be having a hell of a time defending their Dear Leader as his grip on reality gets looser and looser over time. They can't be proud of the fluff pieces they've been publishing, shamelessly defending a completely indefensible act, and pretending we didn't see what everyone saw. But nevertheless they persist.

Today, Breitbart's John Nolte published an even more insane piece that is so far removed from reality that one wonders whether he took a day off of his meds and ingested several grams of magic mushrooms to write it. In Nolte's demented world, the president's performance in Helsinki was actually "one of Trump's finest moments" -- reminiscent of his brave performance in Charlottesville where he displayed his awesome "moral strength" in refusing to condemn white supremacy (yes, really). Writes Nolte:

Almost a year later, Trump is still walking around with the flaming arrows in his back over Charlottesville, simply because he told the truth about Charlottesville. Which brings me to what happened Monday in Helsinki.

Once again, and this time with the help of that dirty cop, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the establishment media and the Deep State believed they had rigged events to a point where Trump was cornered, where he would have no choice but to publicly berate Putin on the national stage for the sin of “interfering in our elections.”

What the media wanted was to emotionally blackmail Trump into creating an international scene, a YouTube moment with Putin, where the president would violate every diplomatic norm to publicly shame and berate the Russian president.

Why do you think Dirty Cop Mueller dropped his kangaroo indictment (more on this below) just a few days before the Putin summit? It was all coordinated and staged, it was the behavior of spoiled children desperate to get their way.

Wisely, for the good of his country and out respect for the truth, Trump refused to jump in the trap. And now the spoiled children who once again did not get what they want, are having a national tantrum. And moral cowards, like House Speaker Paul Ryan (God bless Rand Paul), are terrified of these spoiled media babies and are seeking only to appease them.

Nevertheless, what really happened is this: Trump showed the gangster Putin that he is his own man, that he cannot be bullied by America’s corrupt political and media establishment into behaving in a certain way, that he is willing to take those flaming arrows to do what he thinks is right, which, in this case, is to never forget the lessons of Iraq.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Trump did not disgrace his country and throw US intelligence agencies under the bus by not confronting Vladimir Putin over his confirmed hacking of American democracy, he actually showed great leadership and bravery because of the Deep State, Robert Mueller, and the media establishment. 

And contrary to overwhelming public perception, Trump's complete deference to Putin and his blind acceptance that Russia did not attack the US was actually Trump showing Putin that "he is his own man". In fact, Trump is so much "his own man" that he almost immediately took back what he said in front of Putin and accepted that Russia did actually hack the US election.

If there was ever a perfect example of the complete and utter madness of Trumpism, this would be it. You literally could not make this up if you tried, and yet there it is on the front page of a (sadly) prominent website read by millions of people.

Breitbart's desperation is what happens when defeat is imminent, when the writing is on the wall and everyone finally understands the reality of what is happening. Trump's performance in Helsinki was so bad, so shameful, and so insulting that even Fox News and the GOP isn't standing by him. It was a display of cringing weakness in front of an adversary, and the political damage to Trump will be immense. He no longer looks like the tough talking macho man his fans believe him to be, and has been exposed as a feeble con artist out-alpha'd by a Russian thug in front of the entire planet.

Breitbart can run all the conspiracy theories they want, but it will do little to change the perception that the Trump cult is finally crashing down to earth.