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White Entitlement Is out of Control

White entitlement is consuming the right wing and it's driving them insane.

On Monday, I wrote about a drunken racist moron yelling at a Puerto Rican woman, demanding to know if she was a citizen. Not a day goes by without a new story about this kind of white entitlement. All across America, white people are taking it upon themselves to police nonwhite skin for a slew of imaginary offenses. Today's story comes from California where a different drunken racist moron actually went to someone else's house to yell at them for playing Latino music on the Fourth of July. In their own house:

“Do it man! It’s my country on Fourth of July,” Crosby, Stills or Nash says as the video begins. “You come in my country and do that on Fourth of July?”

Clad in the latest from Wypipowear’s spring line of sleeveless T-shirts, the man, identified as Larry Lappin, continued: “This is Fourth of July. You wanna do that? Throw it in my face? Just wait, motherfucker!”

This particular bit of rant manages to capture the entirety of white entitlement almost perfectly. I want to break this down to emphasize just how fucking insane white Republican voters have become in the age of Trump.

"It’s my country on Fourth of July!"

A lot of people say they love "their" country. But when white Republican voters say it, they are laying an exclusive and literal claim to America. As far as they are concerned, white Republican voters are the only people that count.

"You come in my country and do that on Fourth of July?"

Here you have a white person overwhelmed with entitlement. So much so that he cannot even conceive of a Latino being an American. Just a heads up: The family he was yelling at are third and fourth generation American citizens. One shudders to wonder what he thinks of black people when it comes to their citizenship.

"You wanna do that? Throw it in my face?"

White entitlement tells white people that they own everything around them, including public space. This is why they desperately feel the need to call the police on black people all the time. They feel oppressed just by the mere presence of Those People in "their" space.To understand how extreme this sense of entitlement can be, look no further than this story. A white racist literally felt assaulted by music playing in someone else's home. He was so outraged that he was not protected from sound in the air that he was forced to go over and complain.What's next? Calling the cops because the smell of delicious tacos makes you realize your meatloaf is lame and boring?

"Just wait, motherfucker!"

And there it is, the implicit threat of violence. Wait for what? ICE to come drag them away for illegally brown? Nazis to set their house on fire? Jeff Sessions to outlaw any music but country?

This last part is the most important because white Republican voters keep making vague threats against the people they hate. "Just wait", "You're going to get yours", "Trump is going to take care of you", etc. This is not an accident. These are people who very much want to kick off an ethnic cleansing campaign in America. This is not about white supremacy where white people re in charge (we already have that), it's very much about white nationalism where Those People are purged from the country by any means necessary up to and including genocide.

As I wrote last week, the biggest difference between the Germans of the 1930s and the white Republican voters of today is that the Germans didn't fully understand what was happening to them. They had to be unwittingly lead to atrocities, step by step. Today's white Republican voters don't need to be lead step by step. They want a white America free of Those People.

They only question they have is what's taking so long for the atrocities to begin.