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WATCH: White Cop Ignores Drunk Racist Threatening Puerto Rican Woman

A belligerent and drunken white man repeatedly harasses a Latino woman while a white cop ignores her calls for help. Welcome to Trump's America.

As astounding as it may seem, people don't seem to trust the cops much these days. It's almost like the daily stream of videos showing the police being jaw-droppingly racist is undermining the public's confidence. Today's video isn't going to help.

Here we have a drunken moron, undoubtedly a Trump supporter, yelling and harassing a Puerto Rican woman. She had the gall, you see, to pay for the use of a gazebo in a public park and Mr. 'Murika was outraged that she was wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag on it. That was bad enough but when the drunken buffoon got right up in her face. As he was ranting about how "you're not going to change us," the woman called for help from a cop. The police officer standing not 20 feet away. What did this protector of the public peace do?

He stood there and did absolutely nothing. Didn't even ask the man to back away.

Amazingly, it gets worse. In a second video, a second (sober) man gets between the drunken racist and the woman. The drunk is again right in the woman's personal space intimidating her and demanding to know if she's a citizen. Blocked from his victim, the bigot walks over to the cop and the man follows, complaining. All of a sudden, the white cop decides to take action! He bravely controls the situation by...telling the second man to leave the drunk alone.

Because, you see, it's OK for a drunken racist piece of white trash to harass and intimidate a Latino woman but, hey now!, we can't have someone bothering the white guy causing all the trouble. That would be downright uncivil. And everyone knows that it's up to us (and only us) to be civil.

The absolute unwillingness of the officer to lift a finger to keep the peace (you know, his job) while a raging white racist was physically and verbally harassing a Latina is the reason people are losing trust in the police. We cannot have a police force that only protects white skin and treats every other shade as a nuisance. If that sounds unfair, do this quick thought experiment:

A drunken black man approaches a white woman in public park and starts yelling at her about how white people are racist. The woman calls to a nearby officer for help.

Does the cop:

  • Ignore the woman's call?
  • Politely defuse the situation and send the black man on his way?
  • Call for backup and escalate the situation until he's "forced" to arrest the black man?
  • Call for backup and escalate the confrontation until the black man is dead with 20-30 bullets in his back because he "reached for something in his waistband"?

If you can even imagine the first option and keep a straight face, you are either delusional or someone who says "All lives matter" unironically. The second option, the one we would all prefer, is possible but it most likely isn't as easy to imagine as the third and fourth.

Never forget, the police are always ready to leap into action when a white person calls to report a suspicious nonwhite person doing suspicious things like barbecuing in the park, moving furniture into their own home, taking a college tour, playing golf, using their neighborhood pool, knocking on doors and talking to their constituents, mowing the lawn, etc.

But when a belligerent drunken white racist repeatedly approaches a woman with brown skin and frightens her, a white cop couldn't even be bothered to walk over to see what was happening.

The boot licking apologists will, of course, trot out their favorite line of "It's just a few bad apples!", but it's not. The police excel at refusing to remove "bad apples" from the barrel. They, at best, give a slap on the wrist and a stern talking to. When you reflexively defend a bad apple, that makes you, by default, a bad apple. If all of the alleged "good cops" want to change the perception of the police in the eyes of the public, they need to start speaking out against the obvious racism in their ranks. They need to start getting rid of the bad apples instead of letting them fester in our midst.

The worst part about this will be when both the white cop and the drunken douchebag are identified and publicly shamed. hey're going to cry that they're the victims. Because in Trump's America, white people are always the victim.