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Donald Trump and Democratic Leadership Have Put Maxine Waters' Life at Risk

God forbid, something happens to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Donald Trump is a racist president who cravenly enjoys ruining the lives of non-white people with his policies as president. Trump has encouraged violence, vengeance, and incarceration against political opponents and Americans who disagree with him. And Trump’s malignant narcissism continues to provide relevant context in understanding and explaining his heartlessness, cruelty and evil in everything that he does.

As Americans continue to confront this mafia style presidency, there hasn’t been a more vocal, persistent, and unapologetic critic within the Democratic Party than Black Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Her consistent calls for Trump’s impeachment have been admirable. Waters continues to highlight the flawed characteristics of this president and tells anyone who listens that he is dishonest and an embarrassment to the office of the presidency.

Waters, in response to the barbaric ‘zero tolerance’ policy coming from Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions that is separating families, said this: “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents.”

Maxine Waters did not promote violence of any kind. She encouraged Americans to engage in civil disobedience toward members of Trump’s Cabinet in public spaces. However, her response gave Trump another opportunity to lie about what was said, and to go after Waters, a woman he’s publicly attacked with lies about her IQ in front of largely white crowds in the past. But this time, Trump seems to suggest violent retribution with this tweet: “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!”

Lamentably, we’ve come to expect dangerous rhetoric from this violent president. This man puts people’s lives at risk everyday and is more than willing to use Trump brand name soap to wash his hands of responsibility of any violence done in his name or the evil actions that he promotes. But in a nation where we’ve experienced presidential assassinations and gun violence toward Republican and Democratic members of Congress, Trump is playing a dangerous game with the life of Maxine Waters.

Although publicly, Waters continues to demonstrate defiance and a refusal to be silenced by this president, real life concerns have surfaced. Maxine Waters has had to cancel events due to serious death threats. As a human being, Maxine Waters had to process this scary reality emotionally and quite possibly, through increased security, as an elected official in moving forward. Amid these sad turn of events, my ire and anger are directed toward the Democratic minority leaders Senator Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Initially, after Waters comments reached their desks, Schumer and Pelosi were quick to condemn their colleague with public statements and tweets. Senator Schumer even had the audacity to frame Waters tactic as “That’s not American.” In interviews since then, Waters appeared to be disappointed in her leadership’s response, but remains focused on informing Americans about the cruel actions of president Trump.

A group of black women leaders and allies were upset with the weeklong silence of Democratic leadership regarding Trump’s incendiary response towards Waters, recently wrote a scathing letter denouncing Schumer and Pelosi and their “failure to protect” one of their own members.

Schumer and Pelosi, unintentionally, but in their own way, are also playing the dangerous game with Maxine Waters' life. The media, their constituents and Americans needed to hear and see a strong condemnatory response from the Democratic leaders on day 1. Schumer and Pelosi should have organized their caucus and present a united front in rebuking Trump’s dare of violence toward Maxine Waters. The message needed to be clear in support of their colleague and for the public record.

Due to the power of the letter, Politico reports Nancy Pelosi released this statement on July 4th, 2018: "Congresswoman Maxine Waters is a valued leader whose passionate call for family reunification should be heard without any threats to her safety. Donald Trump has sullied the bully pulpit with reckless disregard for the safety of others ... He should stop his attacks on Congresswoman Waters and all Members of Congress, the free press, and all Americans who have the right and the responsibility to speak their minds."

It’s late on arrival and has an odor of damage control. More needs to be done. As of this writing, there has not been a response from Senator Schumer’s office. One can only assume that there is political calculation behind the way they’ve handled this situation and it stinks. From the beginning, it felt as though Schumer and Pelosi were engaging in politics of white appeasement and fear of backlash by white voters if they were to forcefully stand up for their black member of Congress. It does not appear that they thought about the itchy finger borderline crazies out there who follow politics that could interpret their silence as a license to act on impulse.

We must pray that God continues to protect Congresswoman Maxine Waters and keep her safe. And we can only hope that Donald Trump’s remarks and Schumer and Pelosi’s short-sighted political calculation does not come at the expense of harm done to Maxine Waters.

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