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Celebrate America's Birth: Tell a Trumper to Go to Hell!

It's America's birthday! What's more patriotic than telling fascists to shove it up their ass?

America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. White Republican voters, on the other hand, want to make it the land of the enslaved and home of fearful and for that, there is nothing more patriotic than telling them to fuck off on America's birthday.

But in these days of growing #incivility, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on our behavior and decide if we're going too far. Is harassing government officials while they're eating Mexican food wrong? Is politely asking one to leave your restaurant out of bounds? Is saying "Fuck Trump?" or calling the president's adult daughter a "feckless cunt" over the line?

Nah. Not even a little.

Let's skip the decades of white Republican voters screaming vulgarities at Chelsea Clinton as a child, breathtaking racism and hate speech against Obama, and actual domestic terrorism like bombing abortion clinics. We could spend all day doing "whataboutism" and exploring the Mariana Trench-like depths of right wing hypocrisy.

Instead, let us look at what white Republican voters have been doing in just the last 18 months and decide if they deserve every last ounce of incivility we can heap on their stupid red hats and pointy white hoods.

Since stealing the election of 2016 with the help of widespread voter suppression, illegal interference from the FBI, a complicit media, and Russian cyberwarfare, Donald Trump, his regime, and his white Republican voters have (in no particular order):

  • Criminalized asylum seekers
  • Stolen thousands of children from their parents and put them in concentration camps
  • Crippled the government by refusing to fill vital positions
  • Crippled the State Department by forcing out hundreds of career staffers (a long dreamed-of goal of Russia)
  • Enabled a sharp increase in hate crimes
  • Demonized the free press to the point where they are being murdered like we're a third-world hellhole
  • Enabled corruption on a scale never before seen in American history. Scott Pruitt alone redefines the phrase "ethics violation"
  • Waged war on the FBI, NSA, and the entire concept of law and order to protect an obviously criminal administration
  • Undermined the judiciary to grab more power to the executive branch
  • Banned Muslims in direct contradiction of the Constitution
  • Started marching in the streets with Nazi flags and chanting Nazi slogans with the blessing of the president
  • Used the power of the government to attack political enemies in ways that would have made Nixon jealous
  • Started arresting legal immigrants with the intent to deport them (but only the brown ones)
  • Rolled back protections for every conceivable marginalized group to make "oppressed" white people feel better
  • Openly talked about ending democracy in America
  • Backed pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama
  • Begun to back antisemitic candidates across the country
  • Been unable to go a single day without screaming racial slurs at Those People on the street and being caught on camera
  • Begun to retweet neo-Nazis and not apologize or pretend it was an "accident"

And this is only a tiny little fraction of what Trump, his regime, and white Republican voters have been doing. Amy Siskind has the comprehensive list and it's mind boggling. 85+ weeks of cruelty, hate, rage, pettiness, and the most unamerican behavior imaginable.

So, no, telling Trump officials they're disgusting human beings while they're eating is not out of line. Why should they be allowed to eat in peace while they destroy the lives of millions? Telling a red hat wearing MAGAt they're a piece of shit fascist is not uncivil: It's a statement of fact. If they get offended, tell them that maybe they shouldn't publicly brag about their allegiance to a white nationalist monster.

If you're clucking your tongue like Chuck Todd and Chris fucking Cillizza about how we need to be more civil to people who put children in cages and cheered about it, you need to wake the fuck up. Millions of your neighbors were excited, literally thrilled, that brown skinned children were being tortured. An unhealthy number of them would be just as happy to put them into gas chambers because that's how far gone they are. We know this because they keep telling us.

We are fighting for the future of this country against people who look at the atrocities of the Nazis and wonder why we haven't started carting off the brown people to the camps yet. Right now, they're settling for the soft ethnic cleansing of deportation and public demonization of brown skin. Sooner than later, that won't be enough for them and they'll start demanding more aggressive purging of the "impure" elements. We've seen this movie before and we know how it ends.

As an American, there is literally nothing more patriotic than standing up to that kind evil and getting in its face. Be rude. Be nasty. Be uncivil. Monsters do not deserve to be treated with decency or kindness. It's your duty as a moral human being to publicly shun these animals wherever you see them. If you ever swore to yourself that you would have stood up for the Jews in Germany, this is your chance to be that person.

America has a long history of making Nazis miserable. Enjoy your Fourth of July by making theirs a nightmare.