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Donald Trump Loving, Family Man? Get the F*ck out of Here!

We don't know why the Times is working so hard to normalize Trump but someday we're going to find out and it's not going to be pretty.

In its continuing efforts to normalize Donald Trump's mad dash to white nationalist fascism, the New York Times produces article after article after article of nonsense to make both Trump and his white Republican voters seem like reasonable people.

They're not. They put children into cages and cheered for it. They are monsters.

But since the Times won't stop trying to convince us that Trump is not a stain on humanity, we have this idiocy written by Matthew Schmitz to contend with:

Trump’s ‘Purple’ Family Values.

The premise is simple. Because the people that hate Trump are coastal elite snobs from both sides of the political spectrum, that means Trump is actually the hero of the working class man who understand his struggles with infidelity and admire how close he is to his children.

I swear I am not making this up. After explaining the basic "red" and "blue" family models that frown on infidelity and sexism, respectively, Scmitz goes on:

Red families tend toward conservatism, and blue tend toward progressivism, but the models share an upper-class stress on respectability and a strong taboo against out-of-wedlock birth.

A third model can be found among working-class whites, blacks and Hispanics — let’s call it purple. In these families, bonds between mothers and children are prized above those between couples. Unstable relationships are the norm, and fathers quickly end up out of the picture.

Get it? The snobby upper class folks Schmitz knows from NY hate Trump because they're upper class snobs. It doesn't matter if they're left or right, they're snobs, snobs!, he tells you! Not like the good, honest folk of the lower class "purple" families.

And those "purple" families he talks about? He pulls from his extensive knowledge of a wide variety of people he knows from his hometown in....Nebraska.

Ahem. Nebraska demographics in 2017:

White - 88.6%
Black - 5.1%
Latino - 11%

So, yeah, I call bullshit on Schmitz lumping in Latinos and blacks with his "purple" families that admire Trump. Also, blacks and Latinos overwhelmingly voted against Trump and he continues to poll extremely poorly with them. Also also, Trump won with every white demographic, including white people (you know, "Snobs") with money. I know this off of the top of my head and I don't work at one of the world's premier newspapers. How the fuck did these little facts slip their attention?

Basically, the entire premise of Schmitz's column is garbage. It's not even opinion, it's a fantasy. It's an easily disprovable lie. And yet, the New York Times let it be published. Clearly, anything making Trump and his white nationalist followers look human is fair game.

This is what it looks like to normalize the utterly abnormal. I don't know why the Times is working so hard to normalize Trump but someday we're going to find out and it's not going to be pretty. Until then, we have to hold the press accountable for their actions. We need a free press but we also need one that speaks truth to power, not one that speaks lies for it.