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Americans Must Now Get Ready For Massive Acts Of Civil Disobedience

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With Justice Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court, conscientious Americans must now get ready to engage in massive acts of civil disobedience. It is a near certainty that Trump will appoint a radical conservative to the court, and Republicans will work night and day to ram through his nomination before the midterms in November.

Mitch McConnell has stated as much, so liberals must now operate on the basis that Roe vs Wade is on the chopping block in the very near future, along with a host of other important policies pertaining to affirmative action, gay rights, and the death penalty. “This is not 2016,” Mr. McConnell said in response to calls from Democrats to delay the vote as he did with President Obama's choice of Merrick Garland in 2016.

“There aren’t the final months of a second-term constitutionally lame duck presidency with a presidential election fast approaching. We’re right in the middle of this president’s very first term.”

“To my knowledge, nobody on either side has ever suggested before yesterday that the Senate should only process Supreme Court nominations in odd-numbered years.”

The chances of Trump picking a moderate are slim given his hatred of the Democratic Party and his vindictive attitude towards those who voted against him. His Supreme Court nominee will radically change the landscape in American politics for a generation to come and ensure the country regresses by a good 50 years. This is unacceptable, and Americans must be willing to take to the streets in order to stop it.

As Bob Cesca wrote yesterday, it is possible that the Democratic Party will muster the courage to act together and block Trump's pick. There are several legal, legitimate paths to preventing the GOP from ramming it through, but given they are not in control of the Senate, they must rely on moderate Republicans to switch sides. While this has a decent chance of happening, the public must have a back up plan to ensure Trump does not get his way.

Massive, coordinated acts of civil disobedience works. It always has, and it always will. While Trump may be popular within his own party, the majority of Americans despise him and are disgusted by his policies. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by almost 3 million, and is still deeply unpopular. Americans must remember that the president works for them, and not the other way around, so taking to the streets and refusing to move until he backs down is the only real way of reminding him of this.

Concerned citizens managed to protect Obamacare from being completely destroyed last year, and they can stop Trump from flipping the Supreme Court if they make enough noise.

"Protest beyond the law is not a departure from democracy; it is absolutely essential to it," the author and activist Howard Zinn once said. And now Americans must come to terms with the fact that without protest, their hard earned rights are about to disappear for good.