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Anti-Trumpers Scolded For Being Mean While Trump Carpet Bombs American Values

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One of the many stories of the day that'll surely get lost in the fire hose of Trump news comes to us from crazy Arizona where a Walgreen's pharmacist decided it violated his personal religious beliefs to fill a woman's prescription for an abortifacient drug. So, according to Newsweek, the druggist refused to fill the prescription, despite the drug and the prescription being perfectly on the level. Nicole Arteaga's eight-week-old fetus was diagnosed with severe developmental disorders and so the decision was made to terminate. At eight weeks, and abnormalities aside, the raspberry-sized fetus had no heartbeat or functioning central nervous system.

"I left Walgreens in tears, ashamed and feeling humiliated by a man who knows nothing of my struggles but feels it is his right to deny medication prescribed to me by my doctor."

"I stood at the mercy of this pharmacist explaining my situation in front of my 7-year-old and five customers standing behind, only to be denied because of his ethical beliefs," she wrote on Facebook and Instagram.

It turns out, this is a Walgreen's company policy, allowing personnel to "step away from filling a prescription for which they have a moral objection." Nevertheless, Arteaga was able to fill her prescription elsewhere. But that's not the point. We've been hearing stories about this sort of thing happening for at least a decade now -- shop owners, government clerks and, of course, pharmacists refusing service to paying customers over religious objections: cake shop owners refusing service to gay couples, clerks like Kim Davis refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples despite the legal status of same-sex marriage, and more than a few instances of women being denied prescriptions by sanctimonious pharmacists.

It's not shocking to learn that Christian conservatives are the sole objectors to, you know, doing their jobs. And while there's usually outrage among liberals when incidents like these break, there's very little scolding by cable news talkers and traditional press columnists over the coarsening of the discourse. Yet today, after Donald Trump's personal Mouth Of Sauron, Sarah Sanders, was refused service by a restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, and after both Kirstjen Neilsen and Stephen Miller were heckled at a Mexican restaurant, anti-Trumpers are being lectured by the press about the obnoxiousness of the left's activism and how it will play right into Trump's stumpy hands.

Despite its daily reporting on the rapid disintegration of American values and the very real possibility that Russia has permanently embedded its trolls and hackers inside America's electoral process, the professional pundits and New York Times opinion pages seem to believe we're living in normal times with a normal president who isn't shoving children into internment camps while threatening to suspend due process.

They don't seem to fully understand that people are losing their healthcare, partly because Trump doesn't understand healthcare and partly because he's jealous of Barack Obama. They don't seem to understand how Trump and a complicit GOP are rolling back Wall Street regulations intended to prevent another Great Recession. They don't seem to understand that Trump is busily destroying alliances and threatening the stability of our economy, playing grabass with a trade war of choice and personally insulting world leaders as if they're nobody contestants on his awful reality show. They don't understand that Trump is enabling and indeed encouraging white supremacy. They don't understand that the president himself has utterly cremated decency and decorum by engaging in name-calling and marketing in petty grievances and childish whining. They don't understand that Trump is fabricating a pretext for extra-judicial arrests of alleged "deep state" coup conspirators. They don't understand that Trump is profiteering off American taxpayers by refusing to divest and then hauling his massively expensive entourage to his resorts every weekend; nor do they understand that Trump is using his charitable foundation as a slush fund to keep his criminal enterprise afloat.

But shut up, liberals, and don't be mean.

What the press and others seem to be suggesting here is that the Trumpers can do and say whatever the hell they want, and the anti-Trumpers have to sit on their hands and take it. Trump is allowed to get away with anything without accountability; he's allowed to scream horrendous things during his endless cocaine rants; he's allowed to poison our water supply and to flagrantly, almost breezily circulate propaganda about his bogus successes even though our so-called lying eyes can clearly see the facts. But any resistance against this juggernaut of madness needs to be civil and quiet, right?

How does anything break through the noise these days by being quiet and respectful? Social media has been overrun with an army of Russian trolls and domestic disruptors, scurrying out of their subterranean maggot holes on Reddit and 4chan to torment anyone without a red hat. And the president just happens to be the worst troll of them all. Sadly, ignoring the president and his army of flying incel monkeys isn't an option. If it was at all effective, I'd plant myself at the front of line, gladly ignoring these sad little monsters. But their loudness, their pervasiveness and their mission itself is too horrible to be ignored, so they have to be fought, and ferociously so -- if only to at least match the volume of their attacks. Ignoring the bastards will only give them latitude to get away with murder, flooding the zone with pro-Trump propaganda authored by Russian military intelligence, and eventually filling U.S. governments, local, state and federal, with more Red Hats.

Suggesting that anti-Trumpers are too outraged and angry is an opinion derived from ignorance and a sense that Trump's presidency and the chaos he's manifesting are more or less normal, to be met with a normal response. I've been doing this long enough to know the difference between a real threat and an exaggerated one. The damage being done by Trump's erratic incompetence, his Russian linkage and his disrespect for the constraints and traditions of the office are not exaggerations. The threat is real and unless it's bottled and jettisoned with prejudice, it'll only get worse, beyond Trump and for decades to come. Part of that jettisoning process has to include providing no quarter for Trump's people -- they need to know that society is rejecting their treason and their gratuitous lies, obnoxiousness and gaslighting.

If the press wants the nastiness to end, then Trump has to resign. That's the only way. As long as he's setting the tone and the amplification of the discourse, the fight will continue.

Newt Gingrich, who's been fucking with our heads since the 1990s, tweeted this the other day -- completely without irony:

My response? Wacky Jacky, Cryin' Chuck Schumer, Crazy Bernie, Crooked Hillary, Meek Justin Trudeau, Failing New York Times, Lyin' James Comey, Sneaky Dianne, Pocahontas, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco, Cheatin' Obama. "Nastiness reflects desperation not strength." UPDATE: Trump tweeted this while I was writing:

The president just endangered the safety of a member of Congress. But the liberals need to stop being so nasty.