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My 'Zero Sympathy' Policy For Trump Voters Being Crushed By Trump's Policies

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We're all more than aware of Donald Trump's process of ethnic cleansing, euphemistically referred to as his "zero tolerance" policy. Similarly, I have a zero sympathy policy, in effect starting now and lasting indefinitely. My zero sympathy policy specifically refers to Trumnp voters who are just now discovering that their bulbous messiah is actually hurting them financially.

The first example comes to us from the middle West where soybean farmers are coping with the economically crippling impact of Trump's whimsical trade war against, y'know, the world. Two weeks ago, Trump indiscriminately imposed $50 billion in tariffs against China, forcing President Xi Jinping to respond with a 25 percent tariff on soybeans, smacking Trump's supporters in the agricultural sector with massive losses. CNN:

"This isn't just numbers on a sheet or percentage of trade or dollar value," said Michael Petefish, a 33-year old Trump supporter and fifth generation farmer in southern Minnesota.

Standing on the farm he will likely run for the next 40 years, he added, "This is multi-generational American families, your base, that you are now squarely putting into financial peril."

Petefish is one of the thousands of farmers who have seen the price of their crops tank in the face of escalating trade rhetoric between the United States and China. Growers in the area talk of their farms losing over $200,000 in value as commodity prices slump, all while the back and forth between the two countries has played out like a game of chicken, with each side trying to one up each other by raising the size of tariffs they plan to implement on each other.

Nearly a quarter million in losses per farm, and that's now, today, before China's tariffs even fully kick in. And all thanks to Trump's frivolous pledge to fight China on trade -- promises that were met with wild applause by the Red Hats in nearly every rally Trump held during his campaign. Turns out, they applauded for the catchphrases. They applauded because they believed their guy, but their guy is the world's most prolific liar. And yet they'll continue to applaud him merely because they'll never admit they were wrong.

Soybean farms are just one of many groups caught in the crossfire between Trump and Trump's twisted worldview. The president doesn't appear to grasp the reality that Fox News Channel's policy proposals are for entertainment purposes only, not intended for real world applications. (It's be like fighting off a home invader by trying to suplex one of them, WWE wrestling style. It looks cool on television, but it's not a very practical self-defense move for Grandpa.) Trump thinks everything the Fox News screechers blurt on television is a winning idea to be vigorously pursued when, in reality, the ideas are merely applause lines without any actual function.

Meanwhile, the White House announced on Friday that Trump rolled back President Obama's protections against future offshore oil spills.

The order encourages more drilling and other industrial uses of the oceans and Great Lakes.

The order stands in contrast to Obama’s policy, which focused heavily on conservation and climate change. His policy was written in 2010, shortly after the deadly BP Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling explosion and 87-day oil spill.

Once again, there are countless Trump voters who live along the Gulf Coast whose livelihoods depend on tourism and fishing. The next BP-style oil spill could destroy those industries, at least temporarily, say nothing of the health impacts of the chemical dispersant used to break up oil slicks into smaller bite-sized globs of oil. We also have quite a few Trump supporters in the Great Lakes region who will likewise be destroyed by Trump's de-regulatory kneejerking.

They asked for this, and I have zero sympathy for them -- unlike the mountains of sympathy we should all have for both our natural resources and the many good people who were smart enough to see Trump's scam from a mile away.

We tried to warn them. We're still trying to warn them. But instead of paying attention to facts and to science, Trump voters chose to "own the libtards" with their votes. They cast their ballots not based on facts or knowledge but instead on irritating anyone who was and still is aware of Trump's 40-plus years of corruption and carnival barking in Manhattan. Smart. They can feel free to "own the libs" all they want as they file for bankruptcy and line up at the unemployment office for the aid Trump is busily rescinding, too.

Yes, Trump voters entered into a suicide pact by voting for Trump. Maybe there's hope, though. Maybe at some point they'll realize politics isn't sports, and votes aren't cast based on how pissed the other side will be when they lose. Maybe they'll discover that thoughtful voting matters -- that facts matter, and that, yes, while sometimes "the libtards" make mistakes, we tend to know how to govern and we tend to be more closely tethered to reality, even when it comes to policies that exclusively benefit Trumpland. Conversely, we've learned the hard way that there are extraordinarily cruel and stubborn nincompoops out there who will continue to scream "lock her up" while the bank is seizing their farms.

And for them, there ought to be zero sympathy. They own this crisis. All of it.