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Trump Just Officially Lost His Shot At A Nobel Peace Prize

The sham summit with North Korea was all about getting Trump a Nobel Peace Prize to match Obama's so this is going to piss him off to no end.

Donald Trump wiped out any chance he had of getting his tiny orange hands on a Nobel Peace Prize and he has no one to blame but himself and his rampant racism.

In the likely event you've already forgotten, Donald Trump met with the murderous dictator of North Korea just 9 days ago (yes, it really was that recent). The entire affair was a joke. The United States gave away the farm in exchange for a vaguely worded promise from Kim Jong Un not worth the paper it was printed on. But actually getting North Korea to get rid of its nuclear weapons was not the point of the exercise; getting Donald Trump a Nobel Peace Prize was.

We know this because Trump is the worst liar of all time:

Trump was asked by a reporter while holding a Cabinet meeting at the White House whether he deserved the honor, to which the President replied with a large smile: "Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it."

Fox News, of course, went into overdrive trying to sell the idea and Republicans were on board with it as well. They needed a win going into the midterms and how awesome would it be if their guy had a Nobel Peace Prize? Take that, Obama!

No Nobel Peace Prize for monsters

Unfortunately, Trump can't stop being a white nationalist monster long enough for any of his cons to play out. Even as he was pretending to work towards peace, he was already tearing babies away from their mothers at the border and putting them into baby concentration camps.

Trump and his sadistic regime, clearly thinking the public's reaction was going to be less extreme, freaked out. To say they handled the blowback poorly would be extremely generous. Images, video and audio of screaming, terrified parents and children started leaking out. Once that happened, it was just a matter of time until Trump's already minuscule chances of getting a Nobel Peace Prize evaporated into thin air.

And here we are:

"What is happening at the (US-Mexico) border where he (Trump) is separating children from their parents is a sign that he is no longer the moral leader of his country or the world," the Council of Europe's secretary general, Thorbjorn Jagland, told Norwegian broadcaster TV2.

"Everything he does excludes him from the role American presidents have always had," Jagland said during a trip to Moscow.

"He can not speak on behalf of the so-called free world."

Jagland also happens to be one of the five people on the committee that awards the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you suppose the chances are that he's the only one of them that feels this way?

Jealous of the black president

When Obama received his award, the right exploded with indignation because he was black they claimed he hadn't done enough yet to earn it. That was true to a certain degree but the prize is also used sometimes to encourage the recipient to future acts of peace. Much to the irritation of the right, Obama went on to forge a multinational denuclearization deal with Iran; the very same kind of deal Trump did not bother forging with North Korea but "everyone thinks" he should get the Nobel Peace Prize for anyway.

In other words, Obama spent years and massive amounts of effort working with several countries to create a detailed and comprehensive treaty that was both fair and verifiable. The treaty reduced tensions with Iran, all but eliminated the risk of nuclear escalation in the Middle East, and proved that diplomacy with even countries that despise us is possible. Obama more than earned his Nobel Peace Prize.

On the other hand, Trump's supporters are demanding he get a Nobel Peace Prize for a week's worth of bluster, a hastily thrown together summit, and no actual progress. They want the Nobel committee to reduce the Nobel Peace Prize to a participation trophy.

Sure, they'll get right on that.

Hate is not peace

But even if the Nobel Peace Prize committee was willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, his recent actions have scuttled any possibility of his winning what he so covets. Aside from abdicating his role as the moral leader of the world, something George W. Bush did by preemptively launching a war based on lies in Iraq, Trump's sadistic need to torture children reveals him to be not the person to make peace with brutal dictators but a brutal dictator himself.

Trump's version of peace is through subjugation and pain and humiliation. Diplomacy is for show and the only people deserving of mercy are the blessed few who support him. Everyone opposing him is an enemy to be punished and overcome, even if they're the citizens of the very country he's the leader of.

There is no conceivable world in which a creature like Trump, solely motivated by hate and greed and resentment could ever earn the Nobel Peace Prize. He simply cannot overcome his own evil to make the world a better place, even if it means getting something he desperately wants.