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Republicans Are Trapped Between a Blue Tidal Wave and White Nationalist Rage

You almost have to feel bad for the choice thy have to make: Swept away by a blue tidal wave or consumed by a mindless horde of Trump supporters.

Trump and his white nationalist regime are having a grand ol' time tearing families apart at the border and stuffing brown children in kiddie concentration camps. We now know they've been planning to do this from the beginning, knowing that such cruelty would excite Trump's white nationalist base. The problem is that the policy is supremely pissing off the rest of the country and Republicans are starting to realize that the blue tidal wave they were already facing is going to get larger the longer this insanity goes on:

Republican strategists are worried about what this might mean in November’s elections. One anonymous Republican operative told CNN that the issue has been “hitting home.” “Worst of all, it’s not just affecting border districts but suburban women as well,” the operative said.

Another Republican strategist told NBC News: “The media will broadcast these images of brutality and chaos and the public will associate them with the Republicans that run the House and the Senate — but most of all with President Trump.”

The Republican Base is evil

And yet, very few Republicans are doing more than clucking their tongues in disapproval. Why? Because while normal people are appalled by the images coming out of the mini-concentration camps, the majority of Republican voters are tickled pink by them:

Sixty-six percent of voters — including 91 percent of Democrats and 68 percent of independents — told Quinnipiac they opposed the policy. Whites with college degrees were likelier than non-college whites to oppose the policy, and young people of all races were likelier to oppose it than old people. Women were likelier to oppose the policy than men, and black and Hispanic Americans were more likely to oppose it than whites (though a large majority of whites still oppose the policy).

But by a large, 20-point (55 percent to 35 percent) margin, Republicans supported the policy

It's a guarantee that not supporting the cruelty of the Trump regime's policy will result in harsh punishment for Republican politicians. If they're not voted out of office this November, they'll be primaried from the right the next time they're up for re-election. Their opponent will be more than happy to remind voters of that time the incumbent put immigrant children over good, decent, white American children. Seig Heil and vote for me.

It's going to get worse for the GOP

On the other hand, the longer this policy goes on, the angrier the public is going to get. And while this is probably not a part of their calculation yet, sooner or later, stories of how the younger children are being sexually abused are going to get out. Or we're going to find out that one of the concentration camps are pimping the older girls. Or something even worse I don't care to imagine. That will happen on Trump's watch. He will get the blame and, by extension, so will the GOP.

The rage of the public will explode and the blue tidal wave will be magnified into something beyond the Republican Party's ability to tamp down with voter suppression and election rigging.

Republicans have two choices. The first is to keep their mouths shut and be wiped out by a magnified blue tidal wave. The second is to oppose the policy and risk the wrath of angry white nationalists. Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has decided on the latter, reversing a decision to send National Guard troops to the border, citing Trump's policy of tearing families apart. It's not clear how much a backlash he can expect in this year's gubernatorial race but it's unlikely to be pretty.

But so far, Gov. Baker seems to be the only high profile Republican doing more than waving their hands. One would hope that more of them would choose to go out with a shred of their morality intact. Then again, if they had a sense of morality, they wouldn't be part of a party that gleefully puts children into cages in the first place.