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Outlasting Trump's Mental Illness And The Art Of Effective Resistance

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Andrew Sullivan has perfectly put into words the terrifying predicament the clearly mentally unwell president has put much of the country in:

The president believes what he wants to believe, creates a reality that fits his delusions, and then insists, with extraordinary energy and stamina, that his delusions are the truth. His psychological illness, moreover, is capable of outlasting anyone else’s mental health.

Regardless of how true this might feel, we cannot ever let this happen. Succumbing to Trump's mania through sheer exhaustion may well seem like an inevitability, but it doesn't have to be this way. While it will require tremendous will power to resist the urge to normalize his insanity, it must always be remembered that this is the fight of every decent person's adult life. It must be fought relentlessly, and without complaint.

As much as I loathe having to cover the Orange One's war on human decency, I know that it is a relatively light burden to bear when compared to what my ancestors had to face during World War II, or the tragedy immigrants face when being torn from their children on America's borders. Trump's war is a psychological one, at least for most Americans. His tireless assault on truth and reality must be met with an equally tireless defense of it. Trump's madness must be resisted with sanity, no matter how far he is willing to go.

Resistance can take many forms, and there is no "one way" to defeat the cancerous tumor currently residing in the White House. Perhaps you can spread lightness and love by being an example of what Trump is not. Perhaps you could join an organizing group to get out the vote for the midterms. Perhaps you could start recycling to prove that even if your government doesn't care about the environment, you do. Perhaps you could share helpful posts on facebook or twitter informing people about what the Trump administration is doing to the country. Perhaps you could talk to others who feel like giving up and convince them that the only way to win is to not give up.

Personally, I am going to keep exposing the lies he and his administration tells. I am going to keep writing, speaking out, and refusing to succumb to his bullshit. I do not buy into the notion that I have to reach out to Trump supporters, give the president credit for the very few decent things he does, or dial down the language in order to avoid polarizing the country further. I want the country to be polarized, at least until after Trump has been defeated. I want to marginalize those who support him and make them understand that there is now nothing to negotiate. I want Republicans to understand that their complicity with this repellent human being will not be forgotten. I want the Alt Right to know that I will never, ever accept any part of their world view, or give it legitimacy. I want them to know that I am going to war with them for as long as it takes. I want them to know that I will never accept lies as truth, or accept that there is a moral equivalency between the right and left in America. I want to rally like minded people and create an army of angry, highly motivated activists ready to remove this lunatic from office. This is what defiance looks like, and it is the best tool we have.

When this is over, I will put down my sword and reach out to those I have gone to war with. But only when their lies are no longer a threat to the civilized world, and when they no longer control every branch of government.

Until then, I will continue to resist.