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Donald Trump: Destroyer In Chief

Donald Trump is America's wake up call to human evil.

Donald Trump is an evil and severely damaged man. People laugh at his bedbug level of intelligence and awful personality. But the things that make Donald Trump a frighteningly dangerous man go much deeper than these apparent limitations. What the United States and the world are bearing witness to is a man with a soul of darkness and a spiritual emptiness that hauntingly replenishes itself on a daily basis.

During his candidacy and now presidency, many mental health professionals have written best-selling books, signed petitions, penned many articles, and appeared on TV programs warning Americans about the dangerous malignant narcissistic characteristics such as paranoia, anti-social traits, and the pleasure of harming others that Donald Trump possess and what it means for the world.

Others such as former GOP national security experts put country over party and wrote a letter warning Americans that Donald Trump “would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being” and likely turn out to be the “most reckless president in American history.” These experts in their own way were telling us that destruction in many forms will occur when a man like Trump is president. But before I delve into the substance behind their prescient predictions, it’s important to see Trump in the context of love, or rather, the absence of it.

Not long ago, I was one of two billion people that watched the amazing sermon given by Episcopalian Bishop Michael Curry at the wedding of Prince Andrew and Meghan Markle. Bishop Curry brilliantly integrated the union of the Royal Couple into a transformative manifesto about love on a micro and macro level as it relates to our human interactions and relationship with earth. Curry seamlessly weaved his biblical scholarship, the humanity of the enslaved, the sagacity of Dr. King, and the sacrificial, redemptive, and unselfish qualities of Jesus through the lens of a love centered God. Bishop Curry impressed upon everyone who was listening to reimagine a world where “love is the way.”

After watching this sermon, I started to think about Donald Trump. I read about his childhood and family as a means of gaining further insight into the life of this lowly, deeply insecure man. The biggest takeaway from these readings is that Donald Trump never felt loved, likely never experienced love, and learned ruthlessness and racism from his father. There may be some validity to commentary regarding lack of emotional attachment to his mother and the impact of seeing his brother Fred Jr. disappoint his father, battle alcoholism that contributed to his death, and how it may have shaped Trump’s conception of weakness. All in all, family, environment, and Donald Trump’s characteristic makeup has produced a man destined for infamy and disgrace.

Bishop Curry said God is love and needs his human creation to reproduce this love to make the world anew. But in Trump’s case, he is the antithesis of love. He is a human parasite that has learned how to do one thing extremely well: Destroy.

Donald Trump has destroyed his marriages, multiple businesses, and people’s lives by creating economic hardship with unpaid bills and a fraudulent University. His conscious neglect of Puerto Rico has led to almost 4500 deaths. Trump has destroyed the Iran Nuclear deal that was created to advance peace and prevent nuclear escalation. Trump wanted the world to know of his desire to destroy breathable air by withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. Trump is trying to destroy alliances with democratically elected world leaders and align himself with dictators and fellow authoritarians around the world. He has taken great pride in destroying careers and has put some of the worst human beings among us to head governmental agencies with the sole intent of crippling any good to come out of those agencies.

Trump appears to enjoy destroying the lives of children in multiple ways. Trump has proposed steep budget cuts to educational and afterschool programs, and his heartless immigration policies continue to separate children from their parent’s families without shame or empathy.

Trump is attempting to destroy the idea that a president should value the rule of law, national security and the constitution. He hopes to rewrite history by proving that an American president can be a traitor to his own country. And Trump is working diligently to destroy the notion that racial reconciliation and harmony are ever possible.

When you live and breathe to destroy, cause chaos, and generate endless conflict, you won’t go quietly. Trump will continue to do everything possible to destroy the idea of accountability – for his administration and his own actions. He will never admit guilt or ask for forgiveness.

Donald Trump is America’s destroyer in chief. His name will forever be linked with indecency, immorality, and cruelty. His legacy will stain America for generations to come. And in his warped mind, Trump wouldn’t want it any other way.

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