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Fox's Chris Wallace Makes The Mildest Trump Criticism Imaginable And Trumpsters Go Batsh*t Insane

Chris Wallace is now an enemy of the state for pointing out something everyone knows is true. Trump's followers are officially a cult.

Last night, as Trump debased America by sucking up to the murderous dictator of North Korea, Fox's Chris Wallace made the following observation:

I think it is well to keep in mind that Kim Jon Un has given up nothing at this point.

He did this in the context of pointing out that while, yes, it's an historic meeting, it hasn't cost North Korea anything to get. It was the mildest criticism imaginable of Trump's diplomacy. Fox posted the clip and Trump's white Republican followers went insane:

Chris Wallace, Obama-loving liberal sell-out

The three released prisoners were a recurring theme. None of them wanted to discuss Otto Warmbier. He's the young American that was tortured to death by North Korea last year. The "decommissioned" nuclear test site was also a popular topic. No one wanted to discuss the fact that it was already unusable when NK "blew it up" for the press.

It gets worse

But if you want to truly understand the depths of the madness gripping the Trump cult, here it is:

Kim Jong Un, one of the most violent and depraved dictators to ever rule a modern nation, is negotiating out of the kindness of his heart? This is a man who had his uncle and half-brother executed because he thought they might pose a threat to his power. But since Trump is telling his cult that Kim is a great dude, well, that's what they now believe.

Meanwhile, the United States has given a huge amount of ground just to get what amounts to a photo op for Trump. Why? Because Trump wants a Nobel Peace Prize so badly he can taste it. And he only wants it because he can't retroactively cancel Obama's. Kim is promising the world but his word is worthless (as is Trump's). But it doesn't matter anymore because he's already gotten what he wanted: A meeting with the President of the United States. Now North Korea is a legitimate nation in the eyes of the world. Anything else Kim can sucker Trump into giving up is just icing on the cake.

Later, when Chris Wallace is proven right about how North Korea gave up nothing, Trump's cult will simply hate him even more. These people are a time bomb waiting to go off.