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Trump Just Literally Declared Himself Above The Law

This is the language of dictators and tyrants. It can't happen here? It just did.

And there it is. The tweet we all knew was coming. After months of hinting at it through surrogates and lawyers, after having Fox News, AM Hate Radio, and right wing hate sites introduce the idea to their mob of morons, and then spending endless hours drilling it into their empty skulls, Trump has come right out and said it: I am absolutely unaccountable to the rule of law.

That is nothing less than the declaration of a tyrant. Trump has now openly stated that there is no crime he cannot commit with absolute impunity. He literally, not figuratively, literally, had Rudy Giuliani go on TV Sunday and say he could shoot his political enemies and not be arrested. Because that's how we do things in America, correct? I know history is confusing for the "patriots" that watch the alternate reality of Fox News 24/7 but even they should remember something about the Founding Fathers despising the idea of a king. The Founders started a war because they couldn't tolerate being ruled by an unaccountable monarch and Trumpsters love to profess their love of the Founders. Then again, the fact that Trump spits on the Constitution to terrorize brown people is what they love about him the most. White nationalism and the rule of law in America are incompatible and Trump's followers have clearly made their choice. Trump has now crossed a line and the terrifying part is that Republicans in Congress will sit on their hands, too afraid of their own voters to do more than cluck their tongues in disapproval. The "liberal" media, for their part, will wring their hands and somehow blame Bill and Hillary while striving to avoid calling Trump a liar. Trump has been president for only 18 months. If we do not take back Congress and hold the executive branch in check, this will not be a free country by 2020.