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Trump Said He Read A Letter From Kim Jong Un That He Actually Didn't Read

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As though we needed more evidence proving that Donald Trump is the world's most powerful bullshit machine, he did it again. When asked about a letter delivered to him on Friday from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un (a name he recently misspelled in a tweet because he's so smart), the president initially pretended as if he actually read it.

During a short gaggle with reporters, Trump described the letter: "This was a meeting where a letter was given to me by Kim Jong Un, and that letter was a very nice letter. Oh would you like to see what was in that letter. How much? How much? How much?" Not only did he describe the content of the letter to be "very nice," but he also played the perpetual carnival sideshow barker, teasing reporters with the obvious tantalizing details contained in its pages. In other words, he clearly didn't read the letter and, instead of just saying he didn't read it, he went on and on about it as if he's reached a major breakthrough with his nonsensical back-and-forth with Pyongyang.

If you're a member of the Red Hat army stopping by to troll me, you're probably ready to jump into the comments to scream something about how I'm nothing but "fake news" for theorizing that Trump didn't read the letter. On the contrary, I know for fact he didn't read it because he said so himself around seven or eight minutes after describing the letter's content.

"I haven't seen the letter yet," Trump blurted, "I purposely haven't opened it. I haven't opened it."

Like always, Trump exists in the eternal now. He has a tendency to say whatever gibberish pops into his worm-infested brain in order to extricate himself from probing questions. In this case, instead of telling the truth he chose to emphasize his status as president -- the all-knowing keeper of secret things! -- and generally acted like a dick about it. And then less than 10 minutes later he clearly forgot his previous lie. It's entirely possible this was a sign of dementia, but I'm not qualified to make such a diagnosis. Lacking brain scans and the education to interpret them, I'll stick with my initial assessment that Trump lied then forgot he lied.

Funny, the Red Hats think this incompetent goon is the savior of their awful culture of whiny grievances and overt racism. He can't even get through a simple Q&A with reporters without making things worse for himself. (The Trump Rule: Trump always makes things worse for Trump.)

And no, it's not just sidebar stories like this, either. There's a bigger issue with his inchoate screeching and lie-filled blurts. In the wake of Samantha Bee referring to Ivanka Trump as "a feckless cunt," Trump chose to weigh in by trampling all over the free speech clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Unlike the cancellation of Roseanne Barr's show by ABC Entertainment's Channing Dungey, the government threatening retribution against a comedian is absolutely a violation of free speech rights enumerated in our founding document.

I can understand the ceaseless cult-worship of Trump by the Red Hats, but why anyone in the serious press or any serious non-GOP office-holders continue to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nothing he's doing or saying will work out for him or for our damaged nation. Trump has no clue what he's doing -- he's just reacting in the moment and then scrambling to frame it all as some kind of "crazy like a fox" long game after the fact. Ultimately, though, as he grows more comfortable with the lack of accountability he currently enjoys, his remarks will grow worse and worse until he does something truly horrendous -- something he can't re-frame later. The best thing the opposition can do is to begin gathering battalions of fellow Democratic voters and prepare to storm polling places on November 6. As of this writing, there's only 157 days to go.