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Trump Voters Are Whining They Want "Respect" Because They're Terrified Of The Blue Wave

Now that they're going to be at the mercy of the left, Trumpsters are worried about decency? Too late for that, assholes.
Why are liberals so disrespectful to us?! It's a mystery we may never solve....

Why are liberals so disrespectful to us?! It's a mystery we may never solve....

The cold wind of fear is gripping Trump country and it's pretty damn funny.

Paul Waldman writes:

In the endless search for the magic key that Democrats can use to unlock the hearts of white people who vote Republican, the hot new candidate is “respect.” If only they cast off their snooty liberal elitism and show respect to people who voted for Donald Trump, Democrats can win them over and take back Congress and the White House.

Respect? From the day Trump won the 2016 election by cheating, his supporters had one message for the left: "We won, you lost. Fuck you!" They were really consistent about it, too. A full year later, the go to answer for Trump's incompetence and criminal activity was "We won! Get over it. Fuck you, snowflake!" But over the last few months, that brand of belligerence fell away to be replaced by incoherent threats of civil war if Trump were impeached. Now, the same right wing that spent over a year screaming their hate at the rest of us are very concerned that they aren't being treated with respect? Really?

It's not hard to see why: They're scared shitless.

They're absolutely terrified that the left is going to do them what they've been doing to the country. Remember, white Republican voters elected Trump explicitly to punish their enemies and that's exactly what he's doing. The white nationalist policies, the anti-LGBT hate masquerading as religious freedom, even the attacks on Obamacare that have been hurting Trump voters the most are all part of the revenge of the white Republican voter. And like every group of morally bankrupt monsters, they assume that once their enemies take power, they will do the same thing in retaliation.

We won't, of course, unless you consider treating people equally under the law to be punishing white Republican voters (which, I promise, they do). But they'll never understand that. And even if they could form a rational thought, Fox News, the GOP, AM Hate Radio and right wing hate sites will blast it out of their heads immediately. As far as they're concerned, come next year, the Democrats will control the House and they will "abuse" their power to destroy Trump and America and Jesus and white people.

They are so very afraid.

The left, emboldened by this victory, will rise up and, I dunno, start attacking white people in the streets? White people have been losing their shit on minorities for the last two years, screaming at them for infringing on their personal space which apparently extends to all of America so obviously we're going to do the same thing. How will the poor, oppressed white man fight off the hordes of leftists coming for them?

The real fear is the same fear that lies at the heart of all white Republican voters and that is that their time is done. If they get creamed in a midterm where Democratic turnout is traditionally weak while the economy is strong and unemployment is low, even with all of the voter suppression and Russian hacking that they won't admit exists but are relying on to save them, the future of the Republican Party doesn't just look bleak, it looks almost hopeless.

They are absolutely terrified.

Every day, more Baby Boomers die and the far more diverse voters from the Millennials and the Re-Generation (the generation after Millennials that is going to have to clean everything up) get engaged. The toxicity of Trump and his white nationalist followers has activated far more on the left than the election of a black president activated on the right. And we didn't need a massive astroturf political movement to get us moving, either. When the blue wave smashes the GOP in November, Trump is going to go wild, pissing us off even more, prompting an even bigger wave in 2020 and the right knows it. 

After all this time of heaping abuse on us from a position of what they perceived to be strength, the right has finally realized they are on the brink of losing everything and now they want us to play nice. Just like every bully on every school playground, their courage lasts exactly as long as they think they can get away with it. Once that illusion is gone, they're reduced to whining about how it's not fair that everyone is being mean to them.

Boo. Hoo. Fuck you, snowflakes.