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The Supreme Court Just Opened The Door To Regulating Gun Stores Out Of Existence

Republicans may come to regret coming up with all those laws targeting abortion clinics.
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Chris Rock had a joke a back in the 90's about not bothering with gun control and making bullets cost $5000 each instead. Today, the Supreme Court gave the gun control movement the next best thing by affirming that while there is a second amendment right to own a gun, there's no such thing as a second amendment right to sell a gun.

The California men in question wanted to open a gun store in San Lorenzo but county regulations prohibit gun stores within 500 feet of residential zones. The problem is that in all of Alameda County, there are no commercial lots that aren't within 500 feet of a residential zone. The men sued on the grounds that they have a second amendment right to sell guns that supersedes city and state ordinances and the Supreme Court just said "No, you don't." 

It's unclear that the original regulation was designed with this outcome in mind but it's not hard to see the possibilities and we have Republicans to thank for paving the legal road for us. They've spent the last several years creating TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws designed specifically to put abortion clinics out of business. There's absolutely no reason the same can't be done to anyone that wants to sell guns.

Here's a brief list of ways to make guns sales safer:

  • Any location selling guns must have a full time trauma surgeon and nurse on staff at all times.
  • Any location selling guns must be within 2 miles of a hospital.
  • Any location selling guns must have all staff fully certified as EMTs.
  • Any location selling guns must have very expensive insurance to cover loss of life in case of an accidental shooting.
  • Any location selling guns must be a full functioning ambulatory surgical center in case the wound is too severe to move the victim.

This will, naturally, outrage the NRA and their mindless army of ammosexuals but so what? They have their precious right to own as many guns as they want. They'll just have to travel to get them. They thought this was a great idea when it came to punishing women and stripping them of their reproductive rights so they don't get to start crying about tyranny now.

It's true that there are versions of this already in effect in cities like Chicago but this is how states like New York or California could make simply eliminate gun stores statewide and it would be 100% legal because, hilariously, this is essentially a state's rights issue in which states have the right to decide what kinds of businesses will be allowed to operate within their borders and under what kinds of restrictions. Watching the pro-Confederacy yahoos argue that states don't have the right to regulate within their borders is going to be amazing.