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Senate Republicans Aren't Going To Do A Goddamn Thing To Defend McCain's "Honor"

They'll make noises that sound like outrage and then go right back to groveling at Trump's feet.

You don't have to like John McCain to feel bad that he's dying from cancer. Conversely, you don't have to hate him to acknowledge that his legacy is going to be a seriously mixed bag of warmongering combined with vanishingly rare Republican integrity. You do, however, have to be an asshole to make fun of his impending death and an even bigger asshole to defend making fun of it, which, of course, is exactly what you'd expect from the Trump White House.

Now imagine how pissed off Senate Republicans, the people who have worked with the highly respected McCain for decades, are about it:

Republican senators are demanding a public apology after a White House staffer joked about GOP Sen. John McCain's failing health, even as the administration is doubling down on its decision to handle the fallout "internally."

The growing divisions between the Senate GOP caucus and the White House comes on the eve of a closed-door Tuesday lunch between President Trump and Senate Republicans. 

But let's be honest: Senate Republicans aren't going to do a fucking thing about this. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

If you doubt this, listen to the fiery way they're condemning the White House. Best get a fainting couch if you're of a weak constitution. There's some strong language ahead.

Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican, said on Monday that an apology would be "appropriate ... from the person who said that really dumb thing." 

GOP Sen. John Kennedy (La.) called staffer Kelly Sadler’s comments "stupid" and "a big mistake."

 GOP Sen. John Thune (S.D.) on Monday called Sadler's remarks a "really unfortunate circumstance." 

Wow! I do declare! All this hostility may just give me the vapors! Where's that couch?!

Thune really laid into the White House when he elaborated on what his real concern was:

"Obviously what was said was very wrong and inappropriate. It would have been a lot easier if they had just nipped it right away and she came out and issued a public apology. ...Now it's drug on for five days," the No. 3 Senate Republican told reporters. 

Ah. It's a distraction from the hard work of cutting taxes for the rich and food stamps for the poor. Got it.

And that's how this will play out. Just like with every other horrible, disgusting, sick, inhumane utterance to come from the Trump White House, Senate Republicans will wring their hands, say some words that sound vaguely critical....and then do absolutely nothing.

They did nothing when Trump insulted a Gold Star family.

They did nothing when Trump insulted our allies.

They did nothing when Trump insulted the intelligence community.

They did nothing when Trump insulted the military.

They do nothing but whine about how Trump is distracting them from their agenda of cruelty towards the poor and middle class. They do this because Trump controls the Republican base now and they are cowards, too afraid to challenge him.

Kelly Sadler will not be fired because Trump doesn't have a problem with what she said. She won't apologize because she's almost certainly under orders not to. Apologizing is weakness in the Trump administration, after all. She may eventually resign on her own depending on what kind of person she is but it won't be because Republicans are demanding it. In the meantime, Republicans will forget all about her comment and go back to smiling and giving a thumbs up in photo ops with Trump as they repeal more Obama regulations. There really is no limit to the humiliation they're willing to endure as long as they can steal from the American people and give it to the obscenely rich.

You cannot defend someone's honor if you don't have any yourself.