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#MeToo Is "Total Hypocrisy"? Oh, F*ck You, Roman Polanski

The fugitive child rapist has strong opinions about #MeToo but why the fuck should anyone care what he has to say?

In 1977, 43-year-Roman Polanski, a powerful and famous director, gave a 13-year-old girl drugs and alcohol and proceeded to orally, vaginally, and anally rape her. He then fled the United States before being sentenced to jail and has been avoiding extradition ever since. Several other women since then have come forward to accuse the fugitive of also raping them as children.

Knowing this, why the fuck is Time magazine giving even the tiniest bit of real estate to Polanski and his utterances about #MeToo, a movement specifically aimed at stopping monsters like him?

(WARSAW, Poland) — Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski says the #MeToo movement that sheds light on sexual misconduct of powerful men in Hollywood is “collective hysteria” and “total hypocrisy.”

He said everyone is trying to sign up to #MeToo “chiefly out of fear” and compared it to North Korea’s public mourning for its leaders that is so intensive that “you can’t stop laughing.” He did not explain further.

Normally, I would spend the next several minutes tearing Polanski apart and explaining why he's dead fucking wrong but, honestly, why would I bother? Roman Polanski's opinion about Hollywood's sexual predators being held accountable means about as much to me as Bill Cosby's advice on dating. Or David Duke's thoughts about Black Lives Matter. Or Milo Yiannopoulos' musings on feminism. These are people whose opinions on these topics are absolutely worthless.

Worse, Polanski confessed to being a child rapist. Yes, he said it was consensual but she was 13, that makes it rape. Period. Oh, and he plied her with alcohol and drugged her so let's just stop pretending he's not a piece of shit rapist. 

And that brings us back to our original question: Why the fuck is Time giving oxygen to this human dumpster fire? Because he's good at making movies? So fucking what? How does that make his asinine comments relevant to anything? It's not like they dared critique Polanski, casting his rape case is the most favorable light possible:

Polanski made the comment to Newsweek Polska in an interview given just days before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stripped him of his nearly 50-year membership, citing a case in 1977 in which he pleaded guilty to unlawful sex with a minor. The interview was published this week.  

They left out the drugs, the alcohol, the age of his victim, the fact that he's been on the run for 40 years, the other accusers, you know, the little details that might give the reader a fuller understanding of why Polanski might view #MeToo as a threat. After all, the last thing a sexual predator wants is his victims feeling empowered enough to talk.

Time did, however, finish the brief article with this very pertinent information:

A Paris-born Holocaust survivor, Polanski won an Academy Award for directing “The Pianist” in 2003.

Are they fucking kidding me with this shit? Fuck you, Roman Polanski. And while I'm at it, fuck you, too, Time.