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Glenn Greenwald Gets It Right (For Once)

Greenwald, the constant moral scold, takes a break from wagging his finger at the impure left and points it in the right direction for a change.

As someone who intensely dislikes faux progressive hero Glenn Greenwald and his habit of rarely criticizing the right while spending all of his time blasting the parts of the left he deems insufficiently pure, it was refreshing to see him drop an elbow on the massive hypocrisy of the right wing over the new NFL rule banning players from protesting:

If you don't quite recall who James Damore is, he's the dudebro that wrote a memo explaining, in great detail, why women are inferior to men as engineers. This got him fired because that's almost the perfect textbook example of creating a hostile workplace environment. Damore, naturally, became a darling of the white nationalist/misogynistic alt-right who were outraged, outraged, that "free speech" in the workplace would be treated so shabbily. Damore sued Google. He lost. Boo hoo. On the other hand, NFL players have been kneeling to protest police brutality. This does not create a hostile workplace environment because it is not directed at anyone in the NFL. There were no rules against it until the NFL, caving to pressure from racist white Republican voters and Donald Trump, created one. And just like magic, all the white nationalist alt-righters suddenly ceased to care about free speech in the workplace. Unfortunately, Greenwald's history of being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian is not serving him well. A lot of people who agree with the sentiment gehind the tweet are misreading it to mean he's criticizing people who supported Damore being fired for now being angry about the new NFL rule. I actually got halfway through writing an article blasting Greenwald for that very thing before I realized the responses to this tweet were all over the place and read it again. It's not the clearest tweet he's ever written but considering how little time he spends scolding the right for its astronomical hypocrisy, it's not hard to understand why people (including me) assumed he was bashing the left as he usually does. Still, credit where credit is due. The freak out over Damore's completely justified and well-deserved firing was intense. Right now, those same people are almost certainly applauding an actual assault on legitimate freedom of expression in the workplace simply because they're a bunch of a racist assholes. It's nice to see Greenwald pay attention to their hypocrisy for a change.