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Welcome To The Brand New Banter!

Behind the scenes at the Banter, we've been working diligently to launch the new version of the site you are now seeing.
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Behind the scenes at the Banter, we've been working diligently to launch the new version of the site you are now seeing. It's simpler, cleaner, more intuitive design, crafted to make the reader experience more enjoyable and help us maintain our long stated objective of being completely reader funded and independent.

We ended our relationship with SAY Media after three genuinely enjoyable years because we wanted complete control over the site -- the look, feel, ad layout and membership functionality. While SAY did a fantastic job creating a new layout and design for the Banter, and running our advertising, moving forward we ultimate decided that our focus was not going to be based on increasing pageviews or trying to maximize ad revenue. The new site is designed for reading, nothing more.

Readers may have noticed recently that there are fewer articles on the site, and the posts are longer and more in depth. This is deliberate and a result of some soul searching here at Banter HQ. We know that readers come to us because of the commentary we provide, our personalities, and the rigorous research we do for all our articles, not the "This Just Happened Right Now" posts so many other sites engage in to drive traffic. Facebook has essentially gutted 70% of the traffic we used to get after the famous newsfeed algorithm change, severely diminishing our ad revenue and ability to operate at maximum capacity. While this has been a terrible blow, the Banter is not going anywhere and the team is more committed than ever to provide a voice of sanity amidst the madness of the Trump administration.

This is what we do, and thanks to our generous paying Banter Members, we can keep going. We still urgently need your help, and if you genuinely enjoy the work we do day in, day out, purchasing a Banter Membership is a great way to help us continue doing that. We try to make as much of the content we produce free, but members will get exclusive access to our more personal, long form work and our archive of Members Only articles. This model of journalism is the only sustainable one for the future -- reader funded, community driven, and completely independent from outside interference.

Like you, we tire of relentlessly covering the Trump administration and its assault on American democracy. Like you, we wish it would all go away. But it won't, and we are committed to fighting Trumpism in all its guises. We'll be having some fun along the way -- we have a rapidly growing podcast you can follow on iTunes or Youtube, and we will continue to cover the arts, media and culture -- but our target remains the same. So again, please come with us on the next stage of the Banter's growth and become a member. A huge thanks to you all -- we genuinely could not do this without you.

Ben, and the team at Banter