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Trump Really Doesn't Understand What A Democratic Congress Is Going To Do To Him

His absolute ignorance of how the government works is our greatest advantage.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump was sucking up to the pro-birth crowd at the Susan B. Anthony List's "Campaign for Life" Gala. During his speech, he told the crowd of anti-woman zealots that if the Democrats take control of Congress, they're going to undo all of his work making America into a theocracy. He read a line that their vote in 2018 would be just as important as their vote in 2016 but then his narcissism and ignorance took over:

"Although I'm not really sure I believe that, but, you know....I don't know who the hell wrote that line...I'm not sure..."

The narcissism is that Trump isn't on the ballot so obviously the 2018 election can't possibly be as important. It's not about him, dammit! But the ignorance is much more important and we should be thankful for it.

A few weeks ago, a story broke that Republicans practically begged Trump to help keep Republicans in charge for one simple reason: Democrats will immediately investigate Trump instead of shielding him from the law.

The article noted, among other things, that GOP leaders have tried to impress upon the president “just how bruising this November could be for Republicans – and how high the stakes are for Mr. Trump personally, given that a Democratic-controlled Congress could pursue aggressive investigations and even impeachment.”

It’s a fair point to emphasize, but there’s something cynical at the root of the observation: Republican lawmakers have effectively told the Republican president that they’ve looked the other way on Trump’s scandals and misdeeds, ignoring their oversight responsibilities and undermining the entire idea of checks and balances, but Democrats won’t.

But it's clear now that Trump didn't hear a word they said. My guess would be partly because he despises Republicans as "losers" but mostly because he literally doesn't understand what Congress does.

So far, he's had a Republican controlled Congress that is so eager to protect him from the law, they're deliberately destroying the FBI to do it. House Republicans are so complicit in Trump's treasonous deals with Russia that some of them have crossed the line into treason themselves. Trump doesn't understand that Congress is just as powerful as the presidency and, when controlled by someone not firmly attached to his ass, will be able to bring down his corrupt regime.

More importantly, because Trump and most of the lackeys he's surrounded himself with are fundamentally ignorant about government, they have done a phenomenally piss poor job of covering their tracks. That means when the Democrats kick down the doors Eliot Ness-style and start slapping everyone with subpoenas, there's going to be evidence all over the place. It's going to be a feeding frenzy of indictments and people turning evidence to avoid prison. And the more Trump refuses to comply with Congress' demands (because of course he will), the guiltier he'll look. That, in turn, will trap him in a death spiral of escalating freak outs that will inspire more investigations as he tries to further obstruct justice. And after 4 years of Bengahzi investigations, Republicans will not be in a place to complain about congressional overreach.

A year from now, every rally is going to be Trump screaming about witch hunts and persecution as the Democrats do the two things he can never tolerate: Uphold the law and hold him accountable for his actions. Then we'll see who's laughing, Donnie boy.