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MEMBERS ONLY: The Sad Spectacle Of The "Intellectual Dark Web"

The "Intellectual Dark Web" is distinctly libertarian, distinctly atheistic (Shapiro asides), and firmly embedded in the notion that Judeo Christian civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement. It has Alt-Right overtones (despite the site creator's insistence that it doesn't) and has been embraced by the same Trump supporting zealots who supported the president over Hillary Clinton in 2016.
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As much as I agree with much of the criticisms leveled at social justice warriors and the gender pronoun obsessed left, the self-anointed brave warriors of the "Intellectual Dark Web" have managed to do the unthinkable: they have out-snowflaked the snowflakes. 

The group -- a collection of mostly rich, mostly white, and mostly male intellectuals --fervently believe they are being persecuted by liberals for daring to speak out about biological gender differences, the evilness of Islam, and IQ differences between whites and blacks...

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